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August 22, 2015 - rage

Is it really that hard?

Honest question, if you paid anyone who got a red card (insert dollar amount…$25?) wouldn’t most of this red card bullshit go away?  I don’t know how to run a business, but wouldn’t everyone basically win with a deal like that?  You’d have experienced cashiers who would be able to make some pretty decent money, there would never be a backup cashier problem (stop calling me to the front lanes!), the CAF’s and abandons would get pushed since the entire salesfloor isn’t backing up, guests would get help on the floor, TM’s would get more hours, sales would go up from all the red cards and a well stocked floor, and all these corporate assholes can continue playing golf with our payroll.  Oops… sorry for trying to be just a little bit innovative and thinking of things that aren’t “best practice”, silly me!

Although my days of red and khaki are almost over and I’m leaving regardless of circumstance, it still pisses me off how shitty things have become when it really doesn’t have to be this way!  This company went from being respectable to Idiocracy on steroids in only a few years.  I know running a business is hard at even an elementary level, but holy shit Target go home, you’re drunk!  What happened to your standards?  How hard is it to account for the necessary payroll to push and backstock a truck (C&S included!)?  Has this process really changed all that much over the years?  Is it really that hard to at least figure out the average hours required for any work center and schedule COMPETENT people to get the job done?  If the store is already making a profit then what’s the big deal in giving the people who are actually useful, enough hours to live off of?  There’s a big difference between “oops I made a mistake” and drooling on yourself while ramming your head into a wall.  Whatever!  I tried and I’m beyond done with this shit fest.  Hire all the pretty faces with French poetry degrees who can’t do anything other than “vibe” to be ETL’s and STL’s that you want.  To all the poor souls who have to continue putting up with all the bullshit… hang in there!  Update your resume, LinkedIn, talk to financial aid at your community college just do what you have to do to survive the bullshit while you look for a real opportunity in life.  There is life beyond red and khaki.


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  • survived spot says:

    You bet. Once you leave spot, you ever regret it.

  • RedCardFairy says:

    Seriously!?! You are expecting waaayyy too much of this management team. The ONLY thing they care about is making more money. Since the handful of people who are on the "management track" get moved around the stores no one cares about longevity they only care about making a quick buck. This is one of the worst places to work.

    • viciousdave says:

      Yup, leaders for 5 months in front, than in floor, than in backroom, now grocery area. But at my store theres this one bitch who is always the leader of front lanes. Doesn't make sense when last year they all changed a lot and before that also. The stupid black bitch is always yelling about ask every guest for the red card, oh yeah so you can get a promo of extra money while I don't? I don't think so bitch! Stand in front come on! Huh? Oh hell there I'm organizing the papers here and than wiping the belt off so people don't complain when they come in and checking the shelfs for organization and left in wrong place type of items. Oh whats this? I do more work that the leaders do. That's right the cashiers, floor people and especially back room guys do way way more than any leader ever will. To me it will always be that those who do more physical work should always make more money for we do more than the leaders every single day.

    • rage says:

      Yeah, pretty much! I'm leadership material, but not TL material. I made the mistake of thinking they were the same thing in the past. At my last store I kept finding outdated items to the point where I had to do a thorough cull of any given area as well as re-FIFO before pushing my autofills, because market was that fucked up. I threw out over $100 worth of expired dairy (too far gone to donate) in 30 minutes one day. In an effort to convince my "leadership" to stop cutting the P-Fresh teams' hours and to stop sending me useless people, I made a spreadsheet of it all and broke it down into payroll wasted and presented a well stated case as to why I needed more hours for the team and all I got was the run around as usual. I think that day was the point of no return for me in my decision to find a way out of this shit hole.


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