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April 18, 2015 - rainprincess64

Is it just me or do all “guests” get harassed when shopping at Tarshit?

Unfortunately my baby registry is set for Tarshit, as I was thinking of using my team member discount on things should I still be working there by the time I get that 15% off baby registry items coupon and blah blah blah (which of course I no longer do, thankfully!). So my boyfriend went to Tarshit since we have several gift cards for there and whatnot last night. He told me that when he was there, he was literally approached by 6 people in the hour and a half or so he was there. “Do you need help with anything?” Ugh, imagine hearing that 6 fucking times while you’re just browsing the aisles. At every other store I’ve ever shopped at, I get approached by may be 2 people, 3 at the most if I’ve been there for a decent amount of time. Funny enough, he ended up demonstrating to the 5th person that went up to him how he has yet to actually try stuffing anything in his hoodie and asked the guy if he is harassing him because of how he’s dressed. “Oh no sir, I’m just trying to make sure you’re helped.” Because he was so damn tired of this being harassed shit, he decided to ask for the guy’s manager. “That won’t be necessary.” Still, he insisted on asking for the manager and it was a team lead who came over and whatnot. He got the typical runaround about how they’re trying to service their customers, sorry for the inconvenience, blah blah blah.

Can’t this pathetic company teach its “team members” that people just want to shop around AND THEN let them approach someone if they need help? Should they start asking their “guests” to hold their hand while shopping (and may be even wipe their asses as they shit themselves over the overpriced junk made in China)? Is Tarshit teaching its team members to hassle its “guests” whenever they see someone in one of the aisles multiple times to make sure they don’t lose anymore money? If money really was the issue here, why doesn’t Tarshit just stop giving its greedy guests whatever the hell they want for whatever price they want, quit accepting fraudulent coupons and coupons that otherwise obviously don’t apply for the items they are purchasing, AND better yet stop shoving the pathetic red card down everyone’s throats? But wait, instead of changing their obviously flawed ways of doing business, let’s defraud the suppliers and screwing them out of millions and pay the team members an unlivable wage for bullshit work because that’s so much better for business. Ugh fuck this place. I wish I made my baby registry for elsewhere, so that someplace better would’ve gotten that business and not to mention so that Tarshit doesn’t get any of my business even if it’s from their own gift cards…. gah!


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  • RedCardFairy says:

    No, sounds like you just "got lucky" other than during Christmas i doubt they schedule enough people to even make it possible for you to see 6 red shirts during your trip. Target is SUCH a mismanaged company. They have known flawed business practices that they have no intention of fixing.They along with the guests want to act like they are better than Walmart....nope! They are the same if not worse. They are so far from being a decent company. It's like saying a granny smith apple and a pineapple are both apples. A company that gives a raise in cents is a shit company plain and simple. A company that chooses to pay team members an unliviable wage with inconsistent hours is a shit company. Paying a living wage is basic. The stock price continues to go up yet the only increase team members see is in their workload.

  • blah says:

    That's pretty much how corporate thinks. People are happier if you constantly bug them about stuff. If you need something you would I don't know ask. To be fair half of the people who come into my store are morons who wouldn't know how to get their finger up their nose without you shoving it in there for them. I've seen grown adults who get lost in the store that can't find their way out or tell someone the soda is in the next aisle and they still can't find it. The one that took the cake was the lady screaming at me, "Where's the toy aisle?" when we were standing in it

  • BIackGoId says:

    As Team Members we actually get coached for not being 'Aggressive' towers the guests, like if we aren't interacting with everyone that passes by us they notice that, and we almost never know if someone had already talked to them moments before. But we know it bugs

  • poohbear80 says:

    Boy and I thought it was awful how cashiers have to pull in shoppers to checkout.


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