Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

July 24, 2015 - DanielleT


I remember the first time I worked at Target. I always worked hard and strived to be the “the can do everything girl” I enjoyed helping everyone out / assisting etc.  Target back then in 2006 wasn’t as atrocious and horrid as it is today. We actually were a team/ we would get everything done and we’d help one another until, the tides changed in the corporate tower.  I will say I have amazing friends/ love and memories there until it shot to shit. At day two they trained me in electronics because there wasn’t many team members available that day. So I went ok why not. I’m pretty knowledgeable about electronics and video games. I met this one guy there that side trained me in electronics / gave me pointers and helped me get the hang of it all. He’s the only one there that made me stay. / in love with and still with to this day. <3  I was there for 6 years long. As I was starting to get the hang of electronics the morning shift TL/ LOD  saw I was new, naive you would say 18 and hard working. At first I thought of her as a sweet lady until I started working with her. As I started my morning shifts it particularly wasn’t the Duties I had in mind. She wanted me to take care of electronics, all HBA, Seasonal, Toys, Sporting Goods, Reshop, and tackle the clearance endcaps trying to make everything fit including “ALL”  HBA Clearence items being pulled out. On ONE shelf. While taking care of guests in electronics and taking calls all morning. She was never to be found. And she’d call my name every two seconds on the walkie and the operator would even overhead me. As I’m running back and forth getting call buttons. “Did this for months” Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I barely had any rest because I was constantly there. So I changed my availability. I totally got the cold shoulder for doing so. It wasn’t until later before I did so I ended up deadly sick and in the hospital with a kidney infection and I had to call out I even had a doctors note and it wasn’t good enough. I noticed the LOD’s snarking and looking at me with that same TL ringing in their ear. I was disgusted but I didn’t let it phase me. big red flag there. My other was Closing LOD we had. She wouldn’t lift a finger and she thought I was literally a Robot. I was the one who had to do everything and cover for everyone Fitting room , electronics , guest service , front end, soft lines and even Reshop. Everyone called out. If she had a bad day she would let you know it. One day she was such in a bad mood she placed an item of Reshop on the floor as if she wanted me to go on the floor on my hands and knees and pick it up. “She could’ve just handed it to me” and she did this in front of my co workers. It was humiliating. And after years past by I did it all. Even went through “the wave zone” phase. “Actually worked if you had enough people scheduled.” But it was more like, 2-3 people doing the entire store. -_- … Really? Or they would choose to have one person Only in HBA. Horrible. In HBA you know what I’m talking about. Carts and carts mountains of never ending Reshop from there. This new LOD didn’t like the fact I got along with everyone and nothing could stop me or put me down. “As if she was jealous” She finally scheduled me Daily in HBA with at least 6 carts of Reshop in a 4 hour shift period plus, backstock, and returns the 20-23 aisles you had to do of little tiny and messy tedious items.  “when they’d cut down hours ” around 2008-2011 because before, you’d had great hours and everything got done. That’s when everyone was a team. I’d also get random write ups saying I wasn’t fast enough. Are you fucking kidding me?! Me by myself In a only 4-5 hour shift and covering lunches because I knew nobody touched  HBA during the day around this time “they’d do it at night ” and skip Zone. I had a gut feeling she was trying to make me crack and give up. She’d always walk around and do nothing but eat a big bag of fucking peanut M&M’s and watch me from food Ave. I’ll never forget it. And everyone knew she hated me and wanted to get rid of me. I was there for 6 years of course they wanted me gone.”Especially her” “They also had favoritism The guy I was with was there for 10 years”  Near the end I think my stress took a toll on me I yet again ended up deathly ill with kidney problems and it usually activates due to stress. Had another doctors note and it wasn’t excusable. Ended up terminated because of my call outs and random write ups. Everyone knew how loyal and hard working I was at my job. Soon after that the rest, even my close team members quit and found new jobs. “At least 20 people” Let’s just say my anger being bottled up for years of dealing with the “guests from hell” and the Stuffy power trip LOD’s and The STL you never saw EVER. I reached my utter limit. When they fired me I took the walkie and tossed it across the room  complete destroyed, shouted and said fuck you.  and stormed out. I know it was wrong but it felt so right after dealing and being so loyal and hard working, devoted all my time to them as much as I did. And after I got hired to a new job by one of my old TL’s who quit after me, said That LOD wrote me up just for kicks. Quote on quote “Oh just write her up anyways. I can’t stand her” Reason she quit too. Look I know the TL’s can be a pain, but they have hearts too and they’re pressured to write the team members up/ bark orders,  too because if they don’t they’re deep in hot water. I was told this after my fellow co worker TL’s quit. And they even apologized for what they had to do for keeping a job able cause they needed money. But, of course there’s people out to get you or make your life a living hell. In the power trip world. That’s just the way it is.



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  • rainprincess64 says:

    The TLs at the store I used to work for mostly had the same sentiment as your former TLs (except for one who has been at Tarshit for over 20 years). One who was anti-Tarshit to the max was fired due to similar reasons (too many call outs related to a foot injury they wouldn't accomodate for several months). They fired him literally 2 days before surgery. Terrible company honestly...


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