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October 17, 2011 - Investigating Target

Investigations Company Seeking Your help – Target Investigation

Hello Readers,  we are a licensed investigations company in California. We are assisting current and former employees of Target who have alleged that they were deprived of their required breaks (lunch and 15 minute breaks).  The employees also stated they were asked to stick around for a little while after they clocked and and were heading home.  We are seeking others who have either worked for Target in the past or currently work with Target that would speak to us about this topic.  We are sensitive to your privacy.  We are licensed and insured and must respect your privacy and any information you provide will be held strictly confidential.  We are happy to put that in writing for you. Our main focus is to determine if this is a common issue with Target and hear directly from people that have specific information or instances of this type of conduct.  We are not affiliated with Target and we will not report anything to Target that you tell us.  If we did, you could sue us.  We are professionals and you can verify our information through our website or by calling our offices.  We do appreciate any information you can provide.  We strive to protect the rights of consumers and employees. Thank you!  

You can reach us at:
P.I. Group/CALJI PI24115  – (310) 646-8022 

NOTE:  The comments and opinions reflected above are not the views of the owner of this website.  Just as you would do with any website, please use caution and verify information before providing personal information.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks


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  • electronics_slave says:

    Sounds familiar to me. I was always told to take mine at 9. But in electronics where I work there is only 1 of me. So I have to have someone come and cover me. I'm constantly told by the lod that the hardlines people are busy and can't leave their posts. I tried to take it at 9 and couldn't. And a half hour before the store closed I tried to take it and the lod scolded me like a dog and told me to zone baby hardlines instead and help zone toys after. And gave me advice to start taking my break at 8:30 instead.


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