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November 24, 2013 - allergy

imma btch

every day i walk into target, i wonder why i’m still working there. … and then i open my wallet.

most of the crap i rant about is kinda disorganized, so here’s a little about me to help you understand what’s going on: i’m what the gstl likes to call “talented” meaning i am cross trained in a few areas. what ever they want. yippee.

today i was so pissed off and disgusted with myself that i threw up half way during my shift.  this happens like every week or so.

FOOD SERVICE: they say i’m “quirky” which is bad because i’m not “brand” enough.


they asked how long i expected to “get away” with being different.  … all because i was wearing a white shirt for starbucks (i’ve seen a guy get away with wearing gray). the dress code, which the tl had everyone read and sign says we can wear black or white. but i had a red shirt in my car, so i asked if i could be “brand” if i went to cashier in my red shirt instead, since they needed back up anyway. they said no. so i had to buy a black shirt on the sales floor.

it’s tarbucks, not starbucks.

i do the tl job in food service and tl gets mad that i’m not doing tl job right.
and i still only get tm pay (minimum wage)
tl never fkn labels anything and doesn’t even know the expiration dates… tl asks me how to do drinks and stuff… wtf why is this person my boss if i know more…?!

food service tl asks me questions and expects me to know them when tl (and no one else) told me and gets mad and sarcastic when i don’t know the answer.


btching at me on how to cut the damn pizzas…  so why do we keep plastic knives outside? besides, i already cut it.

tl only schedules self for the best shifts (morning/mid)…
i opened, left me by myself to do everything for my whole shift (i was on a 4 hour shift) and then says, “it’s time for your break!” f dat sht. i was supposed to be off.

food service tl is scheduled “here” but isn’t ever around “here” to help when the lines get long.

FRONT LANES: they think getting red cards is “vibing”
guests-i mean, customers, think we are annoying and harassing them to get red cards and at worst, ruining their end of the shopping experience. … but we are harassed by gsa/gstl/lod/etl to get red cards or get fired for bad performance…

they promoted a guy based on how many red cards they got, instead of knowledge, skill, service, or seniority.

people who get hired for gsa/gstl get paid more than someone who worked their way up.


gstl offers one piece of candy for each person at service desk if each of us gets a red card. what a crappy prize. more motivation = how about you take us all out to dinner instead?
gstl asked me to stay until closing. i did.
next month, etl gets mad that i stayed later (the gstl didn’t change the schedule time).

i wasn’t feeling that well, but i still showed up to work.
i was supposed to cashier, but i asked the gstl if i could do hardlines instead since i had a really bad headache.
they said no, then gave me a red card talk.
amazingly and disgustingly, i actually got a red card on register that day.

People who don’t know how to suspend transactions after working there for like 8 months.


training new cashiers = new kid: hey, uh, so what do i do?
me: 1say hello. 2scan stuff. like so… -show barcode, wave it in front of the scanner- 3bag it, 4red card, 5have a nice day.


when they have lazy cashiers get called to service desk and they don’t know anything, and pretend they do.  and then eat market chargeback/etc. it’s gross.


when scheduled for service desk and spend most of the shift just doing cashiering in the front lanes…

SALES FLOOR: they get mad that all the aisles aren’t zoned and sht when they keep calling me to backup cashier and i’m the only one in that section! it’s not gonna do itself! how am i supposed to get anything done. everytime i come back, all the stuff i cleaned is just messy again…


when i’m so tired at night and don’t bother to check the reshop cart from the service desk (assuming that they should be sorting correctly)… and there are defectives/wrongly sorted items in my cart… Which defeats the purpose of sorting it out at the desk.

then they btch at me bc the backroom door is open… and i wasn’t even the one who did it… and i can’t stand there and open and close the door for every person who walks in and out. damn.

ETC: i’ve been wanting to change departments for 7 months now… and first they blame my availability. so i opened my availability. then they told me they don’t have space. they just hired a new guy. don’t have hours. 3 people just left my intended department. then it’s my performance (now we’re getting personal). … then why have i not been fired? and why do gstl and gsa say i work hard? then why customers say nice things about me to etl? why do i have a good review? so what’s really the problem? i asked them this… and they had nothing to say. … yeah, i thought so. clearly, they wanted me to stay. but disappointed in how they negatively reinforce like “your availability sucks, so you’re not fit for this department”, instead of saying, “you do a great job, we would like you to stay”


i think i get paid enough for what i do.
the jobs are fairly simple and brainless.
… but not enough for all the abuse and bs i put up with.


food ave/tarbucks/gs= overschedules tues & thurs, underschedules weekends…


when i was trying to transfer from store a to store b.
store a said store b wasn’t accepting transfers.
i called store b. store b said they were accepting transfers.
wtf. store b said the stl wasn’t impressed with me and that i didn’t do well for my interview.
of course i did terribly, i never even went to an interview and i didn’t met the stl.

etl hr is a two faced btch. … but so is everyone else in upper management.


customers get mad at me for stupid sht that is out of my control. damn it. i just work here, and at the lowest level. please, yell at management or whatever.


have you ever seen how they exploit desperate poor people? employee and customer alike?

btching really hard here…


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  • viciousdave says:

    Oh they always get hard on me too. I do good, I do the job, I come on time every day, I ask for red cards and tell about saving 5% and the extra 5% rewards on every 5 pharmacy you pick up. Oh you are bad, you have only 1.5% score, that's bad, your unacceptable performance. Whatever. I got a red card person last to sign up a few days ago and guess what, people behind got angry and like, why the hell that take forever, damn that sucked, I wanted to get through fast. Duh duh, and duh. OMFG. Does TLs even get it? People don't want red card, don't care, and we're slowing the lines down for all of the people! People get angry at that point. DUh, ah duh duh. OMG, seriously, why don't they understand truth?


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