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July 19, 2011 - fedupfrida

im just unhappy

Ive worked at target for a couple of years and im just unhappy there.  I got hired for salesfloor because i had 6 years of experience.  After a month i started being scheduled as store operator without being askked and ivebeen stuck in there ever since.  Ive asked to transfer and all they do is give me bull—- answers about not haveing enough people trained to be operator then thy try to butter my a$$ by saying i do such a good job even though theyve also coached me saying im slow.  Ive been interviewed twice for other positions and have been turned down once they said it was becuase of my college schedule which really isnt that constrained.  I know thats a lie becuase there are gsa and team leads who go to school too.

Ive been coached too because i seem “upset” and when i told them it is because i dont get enough help with the clothesthey just say i need to work harder.  I get compared toanother operator alot and hes one of those ki$$a$$e$ who all the tlods and lods just love.  The lods dont like me becuase i dont act clicky and definitely do not kiss their a$$e$.

I really want to quit but the job market sucksand I cant afford to miss a paycheck. the tlods micromanage us and the lods just treat everyone not in there click like $hit.



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