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October 16, 2013 - Chris. 349

I’m in disbelief!

There are two things I wish to vent about today. First things first, the shocker. I was up in the breakroom when I heard that nearly every LOD was leaving to celebrate a wedding. I have almost no idea who got married, although I have some, but nothing definite. I sat there thinking to myself “These LOD’s get to leave for who knows how long to celebrate a wedding?” As far as I’m concerned that’s abandoning your post. They even called in a guy from another store to fill in. This other guy liked telling me how to do my job. He can be my guest if he wants to take a stab at cleaning up unpotty trained children.¬† The LOD’s came back when I was about done with my shift and started kind of working, as if nothing ever happend.

When I took my job I wouldn’t have guessed that I’d have to take quizes as if I were in school again. Two times a year Target makes all the cart attendants take theses quizes so that they can clean darn near everything. These quizes are pop quizes you never know their coming and have no time to prepare. Recently I had to take a couple of these quizes. I wasn’t enthusiastic. I was prepared to take a pencil and paper and cheat. To my suprise the quizes were redone and emphasized common sense than rely on memorization of acronyms. The quizes took me a while, I had to read through more than twenty pages of redundant text. What’s even more stupid is that the procedures and handouts cited are hardly ever followed to the letter at my store. as long as the spill gets cleaned up hardly anyone cares how it was done. The quizes took pretty much an hour, of course most carts disappeared during that time. As I stocked up on carts I recieved a call for a spill. Oh lucky me I have nothing better to do than mop floors. Because I didn’t respond with a mop in fifthteen seconds a GSA responded. I overhear her¬†complain to another GSA that I didn’t respond. I guess a gaint row of carts isn’t worthy of notice.


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