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June 11, 2017 - TarSecret

I’m free from Target and I feel Relieved:)(Unfair treatment and harassed”

I started Target as a cashier in the year 2014. It’s 2017 and till this day I regret hitting that srupid “Cashier ” button. #1 when I started my GSTL was a huge assshole I just sucked it up cause I needed my job. But he wanted me out at first but got to know me more and liked me. See you see all these new hires complain here but sometimes the way they act is true. I wasn’t perfect I admit but I corrected my flaws. I didn’t like my GSTL because he will mock me. The way I cashiered like my attitude it made me feel so low. I could never snitch on him because he was best friends with the STL. We had a GSA who as we all have one “didn’t like me idk maybe she hated working at target her whole life she just wanted to make someone miserable. She will always like ALWAYS put me in the front where your the first cashier to be seen. Whatever I told myself “fuck this bitch” well the bitch ended up becoming my GSTL..:0luckily my ETL In The front lines really liked me she had me train to guest service so I will work there here and then . But my GSTL”reb hair bitch” did not promote me anyone that train there, she always gave recognition too but never me. I’m an adult tho but by then I knew it was time to leave. Why work for a boss who is going to just act like you don’t exist and treats you like crap. I remember dollar spot looked like crap she wanted it to look real good. And I made that look real good I broke a sweat too. She goes looks at how clean it is after she just walks pass by me not saying a work just her head up her ass !I just felt so low  I would of liked a simple “good job ” or “looks great!” I knew my time was coming up. Also cause I will come home and ponder cause my LOD will sexually harass me. In the first year I was about 21 will call him “Liam” he will always start by putting his arm around me and ask about me “what am I buying him Today”;). Always wink at me too , I thought this ETL is just being friendly … until it got More I thought “i hope he’s not wondering how far I will go with him” next anytime he backed up cashier he will always be close to mine so we can talk. I liked him as a friend cause he made me forget all about my bitch GSTL. It got worse, I will be schedule to close guest service with him every Monday all will he do tho is chat it up with me the last hour now that was alright with me. But then He will yell at the guys if they ever taunt me jokingly too Liam will be serious tho . The guys started to hate me also they will be like “I better not mess with you or Liam might tell me something !” I was like he has a wife…..I started school and couldn’t close with him I was kind of happy cause liams behavior will creep me out. Until one day till this day it still haunts me:/ I had to close GS he walks out the office . And says “are you closing GS with me” I’m like “looks like it lols” i tell him I’m just putting go back away:)” and I worked at target for 2 years and a Manager or employee never done this to me. But ok …He came up behind and cuffed my shoulders with his hands for 2 minutes not saying a word. I was frozen I was scared  , I just look to the side and can see both his hands cuffing my shoulders and feel his body close to mine I’m like “liam please don’t. ” he’ doesn’t release me till after a guest starts to come by  . And walks to the other side. I know what your thinking “you should have told him to get off you” but when your in my shoes your just scared…I mean we were alone in dollar spot area  and he knew it.I come home and just started laying in my room. Thinking “Ok this IS sexual hareassment and started to cry” Did he think I was going to fuck him cause he’s the ETL. I’m not like that ! truth is I didn’t want to tell on him to my STL or everyone will hate me and he will lie I just know it and my STL will protect him too cause he’s an ETL. My STL protected my GSa Evan tho she treated me wrong .I quit 2 weeks later, it was too much I hated being a cashier, I hated my GSTL , and  this ETL sexual predator liam. I knew it was time to go (update : I have a new job. I love my boss she always tells me “thank you 🙂 for a job well done and is the sweetest:)! I work on the sales floor and never a cashier. So here’s my advice you can leave target if you choose! I feel so good cause after I left more of my cashier friends did. 2 other states left a month after mine cause they saw how happy I was with my new job. Oh and If any manager dares to harass me I’m kicking them where the sun don’t shine! As for Liam I still go to my old job I went in a week ago cause hello I love shopping at target still. I was chatting up with my GSA friend and i find out Liam is LOD. I’m like “omg I better not run into him… and yup he was like waiting to say or something cause he was standing right near the exit. Asked how was I doing I said “good” and blah. And left I felt so good . I think of I stayed longer at target he would of done more. And my GSTL well she wanted me out till this day I’m so happy I’m out cause I’m at a job that I enjoy . I am a survivor of sexual harassment . And thank you for letting me share this plus member don’t ever think you can’t find free yourself from Target anything is possible


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  • Silverfox says:

    From what has been posted here, LODs usually don't backup cashier and this guy is doing for you. If you didn't like his attention, you should have told him so. You're giving him signals that you like the attention he gives you. Telling other guys to not mess with you, I don't know how that is considered harrassment. He told the guys off for potential verbal harassment of you. Some people can't take a joke. He nipped it in the bud before the taunting got out of hand. That is within his job description. And you find fault with that? Jeez. Your GSTL is being mean by not acknowledging you and saying good work! You feel bad about it. He notices and gives you the attention you crave and you find fault with it. He can't win can he. He doesn't help his cashiers out with backup, they get mad at him. He helps and he gets accused of sexual harassment.


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