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December 18, 2014 - Flyers000

I’ll be free in a week!

Target was bad enough. With our new overnight etl, it made it clear it was time to leave. I applied for a new job and got hired. For way more then what target will ever pay me (I’d have to put in 10 years at least to get close). My last day is sometime next week (depending on if they piss me off-I’ll just walk out). I’m not the only one. A bunch of us are leaving. What does that say about management? It’s so bad that were all running. Their biggest concern for 4th quarter is making sure trash is done and making sure plastic doesn’t mix with cardboard. Goodbye hellhole. Thanks for the gratitude. Oh that’s right. Us floor workers don’t get any of that. Good luck to all you new people that they just hired. I’m passing on the foot that was on my back for 2 years.




  • viciousdave says:

    That's good, I tried overnight duties during a day planned learning lesson of the overnight shift I wanted to learn, fortunately they gave me it as I complained a lot about not given any other opportunities as I have been there for 7 years. They gave it to me finally, I didn't like it at all as shelfs in the back are pure hell to find at all, the freezers to put away frozen stock sucks a lot, the back trucks suck, we didn't have one during that day they don't come during the day but how they explained it sucked, the key box of tralers sucks, the stacking of boxes and the prep work of black palets sucks. It all sucks and is way more work than my current cashier I just know so much by 100%. So I just stayed cashier. So good sailing at the new job, good thing you got out of backroom bullshit.

  • Silverfox says:


  • rainprincess64 says:

    Retail always has horrible turnover rates and there's good reason for that. Often times, it's equivalent to terrible management, BS work for little pay, and rude customers (and managers giving them what they want!). The store I work at doesn't care for really any of their team members except the upper management. The ETLs barely do diddly squat and get paid salary for it! Congrats on your new job, hopefully it works out for the best 🙂


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