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December 2, 2015 - FormerETLGE


I was hired as an intern and then promoted to be an ETL-GE (great right? Not really)

While I was finishing my last semester in college, they offered me a GSTL position for the 4th quarter. Great! I took it

However, after I finished college they placed me back in the same store I interned… The same people who taught me everything were now reporting to me.. (awkward)

But rewind for a little bit… Before reporting to my store, I met with the HRBP and the DTL to go over certain things. They pretty much told me I need to fire 3 Team Leaders within my first 6 months! So pretty much I had a mission to go fire 3 people who I didn’t really no anything about… or it would be my a$$ on the line. Oh yea, 2 of them trained me when I was an intern.

I ended up firing 2 of them because it was part of my leadership expectations (managing talent) which I was rated on at the end of the year.. The other quit the week before Black Friday… My STL was looking to me to do everything the Target Cafe TL did + LOD shifts + be an ETL GE + be a cart attendant  when the only one we had was backed up with the million things he had to do + be a back up cashier + be a backroom team member + make sure my front end received a million red cards (don’t even want to talk about this)

Team members would come to me crying because their hours are cut etc… but when Target gives you 1000 hours for 100 cashiers and pressure you to stick to payroll what can you do?

A typical ETL schedule is a 50 hour week (salaried – no overtime – no mandatory lunch breaks) on a smooth sailing week. I did at least 60 regularly and about 70s during the 4th quarter. Let’s not count the amount of time other ETLs would call me when I’m off to tell me somebody called out or they don’t know how to deal with a guest.

There is so much pressure from higher up, that it just trickles down to the poor team members, who are paid minimum wage to deal with a bunch of rude a$$ guests and over demanding ETLs (yes we demanded more from the team members because we were always under staffed based on allotted payroll hours) + my STL was a d**k

I literally said f**k it after my first 4th quarter and walked out the store the same day… No 2 weeks, nothing… just a plain old “I quit” and handed in my 1M-7 keys. Took my final walk and used the crappy 10% discount for the last… That night was the best sleep I got in 2 years (1 being an intern and the other as an ETL)

Worked every holiday… Unfortunately my closing day was a Monday (think about how many holidays fall on Monday)


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  • Redday says:

    I kinda figured ETLs had it bad. We had quite a few quit in the last year with the new STL. I didn't realized the amount of hours worked being "salaried." 🙁

  • Silverfox says:

    I guess there's a silver lining, if you think you have it bad, try the next guy up. He has it even worse! Unfortunately it's that attitude that lead to their giant flop in Canada. And even the media knows it. But tarshit as usual is still in denial and committing the exact same mistakes that lead to their Canada pull out. It won't be long now before they kick the bucket.


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