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July 17, 2014 - dontask

IDGAF if you found it in clearance, its NOT ON CLEARANCE!!

Work the register, they said. it will be easy, they said. Now, I dont know when I was pronounced the Queen of Target, but apparently I am, and guest think so as well. There must have been a sign on me that said “I make the Fucking Sales Prices for Target, come to me”…..guest complain and get upset all the time when they realize their item isnt the price they thought it was..TOUGH FUCKING SHIT, MAN UP! I dont care if you found the fucking pillow in the clearance section, the machine says its not on clearance! I honestly had a guy throw a tent on the ground and walk out because it wasnt the price he thought it was….A GROWN MAN! Why catch an attitude with me, the person who has no type of authority what so ever in this hell hole? I guess he expected me to pull out my fucking magic wand and Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo the damn tent with a clearance price……well sorry, i left the tent at home along with my name tag and pride. Other than the shitty attitudes from people, being a cashier was okay. 2nd most annoying people to deal with were the ones was a plethora amount of coupons…Now I have to read this ant like text on this coupon  and go through your two fucking carts filled with shit that I already bagged to see if all your items match. Why do they make this shit so difficult ?! And i am happy to say I never had to deal with any W.I.C people, thank the lord. The only thing that made me HAAAAAATTTTTTTEE working the Register was Red Cards.

TL: “Did you ask that guest if they wanted to sign up for a Red Card?”

Me: “Its a 7 year old buying fucking Reese’s Pieces! Do you think she wants A RED CARD!!!??”….i wish i wouldve said that.

It was ridiculous how they would hound workers to make people sign up for Red Cards. If we didnt make a certain amount a week, and I averaged about 0 a week, we had to have a meeting with the TL or some bitch. I literally told everyone in my family to come to Target to fill out a Red Card……guess how many of them came to help a sista out?NONE!, some fn family I have. I only gave away one Red Card and I got a balloon with some crappy cookies attached to it….Thanks…For nothing.  We had one girl, Fucking Micheal Jordan of Red Cards, average about eight a day! EIGHT!…i found out the trick was you have to actually like talking to people and listening to their life story…..AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!…when I went back to softlines, I always turned my walkie down when someone gave out a Red Card because the TL would congratulate them and everyone would chime in….it sounded like a Destiny’s Child concert, without Beyonce or Kelly…..poor michelle.  The End.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    I can't even tell you how happy I am that your family was smart enough to stay the fuck away from the red card. You should be ashamed of yourself for even offering that to somebody you care about...unless you hate your family, and then it's actually pretty funny.

  • Silverfox says:

    Well they could have gotten the target red credit card, then cancel it after 6 months leaving it sitting unused at home. Would have gotten her what target sees as sign ups but really not, since they would be cancelled within 6 months.

  • fucktarget says:

    Fuck that bullshit!! They didn't find that pillow in the clearance section. They found it in fucking cosmetics cause some asshole was too fucking lazy to return it to where they found it!!! Why pick up merchandise from one shelf and put it back on another?!?!?! Put it back where you found it you lazy Mother Fucker!!!

  • Darth says:

    Someone literally shit on the floor in the Girls Dept. in our store.

  • Silverfox says:

    hey, does target have a special price ending say if price ends with a certain digit, it's clearance? Never exactly took a peek at the clearance stuff.

  • famouswriter17 says:

    My TLs ask new team members all the time to go get a redcard. "Try for the credit card too, if you get denied, it still counts for us!" Right. And if you try signing up for the damn card, it brings your credit score down either way. Why don't we go give our guests piggy back rides around the store while we are at it? They ride our asses anyway.


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