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October 19, 2014 - pink1024

I WILL NEVER shop at target EVER again

So I didn’t work at target, HOWEVER, I wasted almost 7 hours out of my day at one of their interviews and was mislead and LIED TO by 3 different employees about being hired, and I’ve absolutely had it. So here’s the deal:


I need a job, saw Target was hiring, and applied. Got called in for an interview. I did one interview, was asked to sit and wait for a second one (along with about 50 other people, mind you.) I said fine. So 45 minutes passed, and I’m still waiting for the 2nd interview. Pissed, I finally ask someone, who says “oh, they’ll be right with you.” BS. I waited yet another HOUR, and finally some super snotty lady took me back. So she starts asking me the stupid basic target interview questions (I knew these were coming because I had worked at target about 7 years ago, had no problems then, so decided to try again.) After my second interview that took all of 5 seconds, she asked me to sit in the waiting area again. For another 40 minutes. Finally, someone called me back. They asked me about my criminal history, a form that I had already filled out about 6 hours earlier. Yes, I had been arrested when I was 17 in high school. I am now 27, so TEN years later). It was not a felony, violent crime, have not been arrested since, I even explained the situation when asked what happened, was completely open and honest about it, which the lady SEEMED pleased about. After that, she offered me the job “pending my drug and background check.” WTF? Why not have me pee in a cup, then run the background test, THEN offer me the job?  No, because target has a bunch of effing idiots working there. Instead, she told me I needed to go to their facility within an hour to take a drug test. AFTER I HAD ALREADY BEEN SITTING AT TARGET FOR 7 HOURS FOR AN INTERVIEW. Now i get it, in case I had anything in my system, they wanted it caught then, so fine. I leave target, go sit in a doctors office for AN HOUR AND 45 MINUTES to wait to pee in a cup. I call target back 3 days later, they say “drug test came back fine, waiting on background check.” Fine. I wait, and wait. A week later, I get a phone call saying “background check came back clear. Come in sunday for orientation” which I EXPLAINED in the 7 hour interview that the following sunday I would be out of town for a funeral. Are you guys idiots? So I say “sorry, i said i would be out of town during the interview process.” Guy proceeds to tell me “Okay, I’m not sure when we will have another orientation, but I will call you when i set one up.” WTF? You hire me, and then say i have to wait until got know when to come in for ur stupid orientation? I should have just stopped myself there, but, I didn’t. So I wait, and wait, and nothing. Until today. I get a phone call (mind you, this is now 3 WEEKS after my interview and being offered the job), from the guy saying “Uh, i just have some questions. What county were you arrested in?” EXCUSE ME? But you called me TWO WEEKS AGO stating my background check came back fine.. so WHY are you calling me and asking me this now? He proceeds to tell me that something didn’t come back right,and they need more information. Uh, no. YOU’RE the one who wants to run the test, YOU figure it out. At this point, i’m obviously pissed as hell. I declined TWO other job offers while waiting to start at target because i was told by THREE people i had the job and that it all came back fine. and NOW you’re telling me you need more info to run the background test? Sounds shady. So finally, pissed off, I said you know what, no. I’m not interested in the job anymore. So then the guy gets an attitude with me and says “it’s not our fault you got arrested, we’re just doing our job to make sure we don’t hire anything dangerous. We have a strict no criminal hiring process” WHAT. At this point, I had had it. WHY THE HELL would you OFFER ME THE JOB during the interview, continue to send me on my way to take a drug test, call me TWO TIMES stating i had thye job, and offer me to come in for orientation if you DON’T HIRE CRIMINALS? and i got arrested for shoplifting a freaking cd when I was 17. Yes, it is a stupid mistake that I made, but I dealt with the consequences. I paid my fine, did community service, passed probation, and turned my life around. I was in a bad place in my life. I am now married, with 3 degrees, and am a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON. So I really don’t need the aholes at target reminding me about some stupid thing i did when i was 17. I was pissed at the guy and started yelling at him, because who are you to judge me for things I’ve done? And no offense, I know shop lifting wasn’t the best thing to have on my record when applying for a retail job, but I didn’t murder anyone so give me a break. He the proceeded to tell me that I “should seriously think about the crime that I did.” and that I am “going to have this problem for the rest of my life, and that I will never be able to find a job because of this.” WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO TELL ME THAT? I flipped out on him, and told him he was discriminating against me for having a criminal record. was he really? I had no idea, but it felt like he was, especially with the comments he was saying to me. I hung up on the dick and that was the end of it. I am NEVER EVER shopping in target ever again. Which says alot, because I am there at least twice a week. I have never in my life been so upset and hurt by a bunch of asshole employees who think they’re better then me because they are in collared red shirts instead of red t shirts. Sorry for the long rant, but I found this website and had to get my story out. So thanks to anyone who stuck with me and read it all!


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  • TargetIsTheNewWalmart says:

    Most people who used to work for Target end up never shopping there again. I haven't shopped there in almost a year. When I'm finished paying off my Target credit card, I'm cutting it up into pieces, mailing it to the CEO with an enclosed note that says "KISS MY ASS!"

    • trashtalk says:

      I'm so done with the company I don't shop there for regular things anymore, just if there is a great clearance deal. I no longer use my red card because with debit it takes 3 days for it to be debited from your account.

      • TargetIsTheNewWalmart says:

        I can't shop there at all, period. I can't even be 500 ft from the place without feeling sick. Being close to a Target is like being close to the Gates of Hell. Once I've paid off my Target Credit Card, I won't have anything to do with them ever again. There are plenty of other places I can shop, I live in a mid sized city in the midwest. Where I live has a ton of local options so I've lately been buying local, which is all around better anyways. #BuyLocal

        • trashtalk says:

          I still work there so if there is a great deal for something for my kid I'll use my discount. Grocery is pitiful in our store.

        • Silverfox says:

          the only relationship the target red credit card has with tarshit is the tarshit red branding. Otherwise it has nothing to do with tarshit. they sold your credit card to td bank. Open a new cc with td and transfer your target balance over then cancel the card. Lower interest rate the 1st few months from what I can see on the td website. that is you're located in the us. In canada,rbc can probably convert the card to a different mc

          • Silverfox says:

            hello stupid. anyone who is smart uses credit card and reap the rewards. as a debit and cash person you are paying me for my cash back 🙂

          • edge says:

            Aw we were doing so well on ignoring CartMan. Anyway, credit cards also help build credit, which is important for loans and nice things like cars and homes. Only reason why I got such a great deal on a new car was my nice credit score. Credit cards are good things if you want to be an adult with nice things and mature enough to use them cautiously.

  • trashtalk says:

    pink1024, most staff at store level are unprofessional as your experience has proven. The man you spoke to should not have provided his personal comments, it was not part of his role. He was there to facilitate the process and should have kept his mouth shut on anything other than process. Our ETL HR in the store has provided her personal commentary to me as well as to a TL that left which is unprofessional. She has no HR training at all. She was hired because ELT HR is the step under STL, she is on the path to STL at another store.


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