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October 26, 2018 - TargetBlowsDick

I was fired over a dispute over an 80 cent item

I’m not kidding. The manager was named Kevin. He worked at the Target located on

  • 16400 Beach Blvd, Westminster

I don’t think he works there anymore but, he made this long and uncomfortable speech where he compared me to a criminal because he THOUGHT I gave myself a discount on an 80 cent candy bar. I didn’t. He just assumed. I think the conversation costed the company more money than the candy bar itself. He wouldn’t shut up about it. I looked up several Yelp reviews out of curiosity and guess what? Several customers gave the store a one star review because of him. He’s so incompetent at his job that he’s actually hurting the stire’s reputation. And apparently he once denied a refund to a customer that was LEGALLY ALLOWED to get a refund on a certain item. These are the people that Target wants running their stores? Are you kidding me?



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