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August 20, 2015 - anonymoose

I was fired for not pushing REDcards hard enough two months into the job.

I started working at Target doing Hardlines, which I found bearable, then I was trained to back up cashiers as I was told that was needed often, then I started getting put on cashier shifts. Everything was going well until they started asking me to push REDcards, which I found disatisfying, I had to back up so little it didn’t bother me, until one of the GSA’s happened to let it slip that the GSTL had written me up for it and hadn’t told me. I needed the job desperately so I made a point to ask as often as possible but still hated having to do this and still managed to not get any REDcards. I kept getting hounded to push it, and with my stores addition of chip technology readers I was told to talk about the advanced security of the new REDcards as much as possible. I didn’t think it was necessary as far as I can tell all that was required of me by my employment contract was to mention it during transactions, a simple “Do you have a Target REDcard? It could save you 5% today and everyday?”. Day after working an 8 hour long cashier shift I come into work, HRTL pulls me into her office and tells me cryptically that “None of my TL’s thought I was meeting expectations, and that I had trouble with “guest service problem” and “REDcard issues”. But pressing for details didn’t get anything else out of them. I partially feel relived but on the otherhand absolutely insulted that even retail doesn’t want to hire me as a full bodied person.


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  • survived spot says:

    I hear ya. I worked at spot for over 2 years in hardlines and would constantly have to go up for fast service and hated the red card insanity. With so many cashiers calling out every damn day, it would have been nice for cashiers who actually showed up for work consistently get recognized. I quit for many reasons but the main one was having to close with a skeleton closing crew and getting harped on constantly about damn red cards.

  • HoneyBadger281 says:

    Same boat. I recently stopped asking and the GSTL's know it too. What is quite funny now is that they have suddenly stopped hounding me when I stopped asking. I have a feeing my days are limited but who cares honestly? I'm sick of this ratty company, their overpriced shit, rude guests, and the piss poor upper management.

    Also it was not your job to actually meet the redcard quota. If you have your employee handbook on page 18 under "what we expect our team members to do" it states asking about promotional items (redcards, cartwheel, etc...) It doesn't state that you have to meet the quota set by your greedy STL and ETL. You can totally go after these fuckers if you want to and show them in their face that meeting the quota isn't the official rules of the place. Unfortunately if you live in a "right to work" state: you're fucked entirely. The sad thing is that the management can make anything up they want to terminate you and there isn't a single thing you can about it. I still would show up one day and call all the upper management out with the handbook. Seriously give these fucking clowns hell, I know I am when they terminate me.


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