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December 3, 2014 - targetisterrible

I Tried, it Wasn’t Worth it

I worked at a Canadian Target store for about 3 months, even though I actually found this site and read quite a bit of it first, I have had a lot of retail and sales experience, and I knew what I was doing and did a good job, it did not matter, I still got treated like garbage. Some of the people were nice, but some them were definitely not. The people that were not nice got paid more.

Target is basically a psychopath magnet from what I can see, it is a perfect environment for them, almost like it was meant to be or something. People who play shitty drama games, supplicate to their leaders, stab others in the back and generally act like a fucking greasy snake do fine and get treated well, people who put up with being treated like crap get bullied. The managers talk a lot but basically do nothing, I could not believe that they were getting paid what they were to do what they were doing. It was really pathetic, and as easy and simple as it was, they were fucking terrible at it.

I mean 60k+ to fill out pre-made spreadsheets and put shit on shelves is just insane. Hiring people who have never worked a real job and just graduated with some shitty business degree as managers is insane as well, but I guess being able to treat people like shit is something not a lot of people can do, unless you hire snobby idiots and puff them up with a false sense of entitlement…

Anyway, the entire company is a joke. I will be very surprised if it does not go out of business, I would suggest not working for them, and also not shopping there.

I would pay money to see some of the fucking monkeys I worked with try to do a real job though, with a real boss who would call them on their bullshit instead of patting them on the back for it. I am pretty sure two of them actually had some kind of mental retardation, they were obviously incapable of basic math, reading comprehension and common sense.

Anyway, I didn’t get fired, I walked the fuck out 20 minutes into a shift. I would describe why, but this excerpt is basically a fucking check list of the shit I had to deal with:

I had previously lived and grown up in a city of a little over 1 million, and I worked at some of the nicest places there, and I was good at it and never had problems, I’ve even swiped Mark Cubans black Amex to start a tab at a club I worked at to give you an idea. The Target I worked at was in a shitty little blue collar city of 100k, most of the people there had never even been inside a nice department store like Nordstrom or Holt Renfrew. Retail is not fucking rocket science, it is just work, trying to “reinvent” it, cramming shitty PR terms like “guest” down your employees throats, making up a bunch of stupid fucking acronyms for things, prohibiting employees from joining unions so you can continue to treat them like shit, hiring and firing people without telling them they are seasonal and expecting greasy unethical behaviour from people (telling managers to do all of the above) was something I had never fucking seen before.

It was not all apparent to me at first, it took time to realize what was going on and what that company was really all about, kind of like staring at goatse for three months before realizing it is a horrible picture of a man ripping his own ass in half.

In short, I didn’t listen and I wasted 3 months of my life. Target definitely fucking sucks.

P.S. The one thing that really bugged me the most is how the company put so much stress on talking to customers, yet would not pay for several of the people who worked there to get their teeth fixed. They were poor and had rotten teeth, dead teeth, teeth with no enamel left etc. I found it seriously pathetic the company would not even pay for a set of dentures.


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  • Silverfox says:

    sorries! i caved and bought something from target. 🙁 it was an emergency. they were the closest to school so that's why lol
    didn't have a napkin on me so i had to walk across the parking lot to target to pick up some. i needed it asap and it was too far to walk back home again. lol target's saving grace at my local target is that they kept my old supervisor at that location that used to be zellers. she doesn't nag from what i remember.


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