Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

December 2, 2015 - falconvl2

I should write a book about my Target store.

Let me briefly describe my target. The ETLs are lazy asf! The store manager is a total idiot. He cannot speak english too! He is all about a “person can do the job of two”. He is a total fucking [IAMASTUPIDBIGOTCUNT] with overtime and overworks the employees. The whole red card ordeal at our store is mad. Daily coachings, and a lot of write ups. After the breach, NO one wants a fucking red card in our area. The HR is very bias, and lazy. Only one HR team member did her job. Softlines was fail. Those girls hated their job and the ignorant people. Hardline was lazy ASF and no one ever wanted to back up. Shit, I would not either lol. Hour cuts, and being sent home early was a norm at our store. Let me get into my department, the Assets Protection Department.

I worked for target for about two years. I was in the AP department. I will not  name what store number it is  lol but it was very interesting. My team started off strong. It was composed of a really chill ETL who was very chill. I started off with my friend who got me into Target but she ended up getting fired for time fraud. She would do punch corrections for coming in on time but the dumb ass would come late asf! Anyways then some fucking rich kid joins the team and some fatass who I cannot stand, joins. This was my team for a really long time. We actually did our job for a couple of months.

Here is when it gets interesting. Some background, I knew the rich and we use to ‘fool around’ for some time. The big kid was so annoying and ugh. Anyways back to my experience.  Our issues started when our ETL left to another high risk store, and we got a former GSTL our ETL. She did not know how to do jack shit. Left all the work to us. The rich kid did most of it though. He was like her right hand guy until she started seeing our ‘relationship’. She caught on because she was gay. She started our troubles.  Over some time me and the rich kid got into many fights at work. It had spread around the store that we were fooling around so I kind of stabbed the kid in the back and turned on him. We are gay but in the closet lol….continuing…this fucking cunt went out of her way to get another guy on our team. We started getting jack big time, and for some time we thought it was the new kid she had hired. The department was upside down. As much as the rich kid tried to save it, I given up and so did the fat kid. The new kid was such a mess he was no help at all. So ‘we’ started not doing our job.

For starters. I started blowing the new kid in the backroom while we were ‘setting’ up cameras. We would usually go to the back and blow each other. I would wrestle with the rich kid and actually do my job with the fat kid. Then our cunt of an ETL hires an APS and this is were shit goes wrong. This APS was so arrogant he hated the rich kid for having money. He actually lied to me about shit that was said about me that was not true. Me and the rich kid ended our relationship and the APS and I made his life hell. The fat one was irrelevant until the end. When shit hit the fan and our inventory came out 1Mil short. The ETL stepped down, and left the team to the APS who would not get help from the rich kid as he did his own thing to not get fired. I chilled in the office and talked it all out. The fat kid did his job. Fast forward about a month to the interesting part.

After some time we had a coupon issue at our store. One day a coupon-er tells me about the money they make and how easy it is. I told the APS and together we began to coupon. In short, we began to steal from the company with coupon fraud. Our ETL was convinced by our APS to steal too. So for some time we were stealing from the backroom. We knew all our shots and stuff, so we never left a trail. It was not until the fucking rich kid dropped a bomb and revealed a take down sting from PD were his dad worked at. We worried because we had been stealing from target for about two months. Like raping the store. A new guy join the team at this point and seemed to be with the rich kid. We did not know for sure though. Then when it was to late, we knew they were together on the sting. The rich kid left but he opened his fucking mouth. He showed the Target Investigator proof of the AP team stealing. He told a fatass GSTL about our relationship and what the AP team did. He used the New TPS to get information and then dumped him. He told everyone at Target we use to fuck, he got the whole team fired. He told Team members about the HR department making us pin cases on them. He got to ETLs two quit in fear of what we were doing. The ETL AP was fucking ETL GE. Our ETL would tell us, and they would together share precious target information. The rich kid brought down the fucking department.

He quit, and everything went down hill. He got the new kid to tell on the APS and got the APS running within a week after he quit. He targeted me and the fat kid next. Surely though, we were gone. But we brought down the store with us. Stole like a motherfucker. Got our family member to steal, since no one but the rich kid knew what my parents look like. The APS got his uncle to steal massive amounts of alcohol on the rich kid and new kids shift. No matter what we did, he was one step ahead of us. Anywho, Target was a living nightmare towards the end. I was put on finals, and everyone hated me. If it that stupid APS would not have joined the team, none of this would of ever happened.

Its sad that this is only one little chapter. I have not even began to express who bad our team got. How corrupt the ETLS were. We caught an ETL stealing, walking out with shit and she did not get fired while we fired TMs and TLs for bs stuff. HR ETL protected the Overnight ETL. Its all politics there.

A worker there urged the team to write a tell all since we had begun to leak many secrets. As of now, the rich kid is off at some Ivy League school. The fat ass kid is working at a check in a cash. The first new guy moved to a different state and the newest and back stabbing idiot is still working at T*** jk I will not say  lol  and  I am struggling to find work seeing how i have no references. The APS is unheard of now. To think that this could of all been prevented if our original ETL would have stayed.

In short, FUCK TARGET!


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