Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

October 5, 2014 - hello45


After a month of hell I decided to quit Target. Store 2021 Arvada South Super Target is by far one of the worst experiences as a employee I have ever had. I don’t know how I managed to stick it out for so long. Retail is no picnic but this company takes it to a whole new level with their fast fun friendly FAKE façade. These people think it’s still high school the way they act. The huddles are a joke and I believe it’s only to show off to the customers.  The clapping part at the end of the huddle speech made me want to shake my head. The fake compliments over the walkie is just more showing off.  J, Deb, Lydia and a few other poor team leaders are abusive to say the least. The passive aggressiveness runs wild in that place.  I thought I heard someone over the walkie say “do it yourself” after that person was given instructions which I secretly enjoyed. Wonder if they quit too. While I was working there I was also privileged to witness a employee yelling at another employee who may have been disabled just because they didn’t understand something. I almost stepped in until this loud mouth finally put a sock in it.  Also my locker battery ran out so I needed  someone to open my locker so I could get my belongings and they just ignored me even after I told someone in person who did the same thing. So I took it upon myself to just sit there on my paid time until someone helped me and they had the nerve to check and see if I was going to get to work. This is how employees treat other employees now a days and it makes me appreciate being able to work at home more than ever.



Here’s my previous post which was two weeks into the job.


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  • TargetIsTheNewWalmart says:

    I'm glad you are finally out of that hell hole! Target pretty much is a high school except it's the people who run that place who think they are in high school. Fair warning, this board may be bombarded by a "user" called CartMan who is in love with Target and declares it the best job ever and hates everyone who hates Target. For saying you quit and hated it, he will brand you a communist. Have fun with that. The further away you get from Target the better everything gets. Although I still cringe when people tell me that Target is their favorite store. I have told all of them to try working there and their opinion will change over night.

    • hello45 says:

      Yeah I've seen this person. I'm on day 2 now of a no call no show. They didn't even call to see where I was at.

    • Silverfox says:

      he should brand canadians as communist then xD. very little traffic in target stores. Really dead. Like dtlhater said, there's barely any stock on the shelves, it's getting better but I suspect part of it is because sobey's is shipping them stock and part of it is vendor stocked. Except even that the food stuff that gets shipped are either near expiry or expired. Add in their shitty treatment of employees. Shit ton of factors plus being boycotted. Yep that'll really hurt them where it counts. Can say no one in their right mind here will take their shitty treatment. they can pay as much as costco yet people will still leave.

  • pinkzinnia says:

    You nailed it.. High school

  • Lara Schmidt says:

    Yesterday was my last day at Target. I feel as if I now have a whole new lease on life.

  • SusieH says:

    I didnt think it oculd get worse than high school but TARSHIT is SO MUCH WORSE! at least when i was in high school i was left alone to my books. this place sucks the soul out of you


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