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July 18, 2013 - hashketchum

I need a new job

This is my first post. I’ve read a ton of these, but I never thought I’d ever post one.

Anyway, I finally lost my shit earlier this week. I work in the backroom, and not to be arrogant, but I’m easily the top guy back there. I was getting pulled in all different directions by my TL and the LOD between helping finish the CAFs because my teammates are some slow pieces of shit, and doing the merchandise sweep from hell by myself. It took my like 6 hours to pull 11 pallets worth of stuff. The whole time, my TL was checking up on me, and when the LOD asked me to help finish CAF, I didn’t really have a choice because she’s an ETL. Of course, my TL gave me shit about it for at least the next couple of hours because she didn’t see why I had to be on the CAF. We kinda got into a bit, but I didn’t say anything outrageous. I’m a nice guy, mostly mild-mannered, and I do everything they ask, but that was just ridiculous. Then to top it all off, after that was done, the 2 guys that were supposed to do the CAF by themselves got off, and me and the TL were the only ones left. Who the hell made that schedule?!! Of course, the TL is worthless, and she went to lunch. I did the next hour of CAFs, which came out to 1:19, by myself. Keep in mind that I’m still not done with the damn sweep! I finished that CAF, finished pulling the sweep, wrapped the pallets, and put them in the storage area. I was at work an extra 2 hours, and the $20.32 just wasn’t worth it. Some point during all of this shit, when I was by myself, I got pissed and slammed my PDA on the ground. It sparked, and I could smell smoke or something. I picked it up, pushed buttons, and it was dead. I didn’t care. I just signed it in, and got a new one. I think eventually, they’re gona know it was me, and I’m pretty sure that’s a fireable offense. I wonder how much time I have until I’m terminated. I need a new job ASAP so I can quit and still be able to say that I’ve never been fired. However, I’ve wanted out for about 2 years, so maybe getting fired wouldn’t be so bad…


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  • targetequalshell says:

    I feel you man. I work in the backroom too. Half the time I'm working I look over and see the other two backroom people just standing there talking about some bullshit. My TL doesn't know anything about the backroom. And to top it off, Target increased how much is pulled in the CAFs by two or three times, but it still has to get done in an hour. Plus they cut hours for the CAF pullers.

  • receiverornot says:

    I too feel ya because I know your tl.


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