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March 23, 2015 - likejesusdoes

I Just freed myself, in a bad way?

So I started working at Target in August, when I started college as well, why did I chose to work at target? I loved target. And don’t get me wrong I still do, but I will now have a whole new outlook when I shop there.

I was hired as soft lines/operator, little did I know there would be one of each and I would be working every closing shift. At first I loved working there, I was genuinely excited to go to work, it was my first job, and I was in pain from standing all do but I loved it.

When I was hired I asked what part time hours typically were, explaining it was my first job and that I was a full time student they told me 30 hours was typical so I said okay and they offered me the job on the spot, I had orientation after and started the day after that. Everything was fine until I was being scheduled 8 hour closing shifts one saturday night and then back in for an 8 hour 6 am opening shift the following Sunday. I had to ask 3 times to get it changed and finally after complaining to my favorite Team Lead(we’ll call him John) it was finally fixed and I didn’t come in until noon on Sundays but that was only the beginning.

Every day I would clock in, go to the fitting room, do half of the zone, be in charge of abandons and phone calls (most of the time unanswered transfer calls causing me to go on the floor and find the item, no chord less phone was ever provided) not to mention the code 1 call every half hour, only to get there and see they “have it under control”. I wouldn’t see an LOD and sometimes, not a single person until I left at close. Which at a low volume store with no music, you can go quiet crazy without human contact.

I realized that working closing shifts 5 nights a week and school full time was too much and when I went to reduce my hours online it wouldn’t let me, so I went to my Team Lead and was told we could reevaluate at my 90 day checkpoint, so I waited, and waited, and waited and eventually just made myself unavailable on Sundays because and 90 day evaluation never happened.

I felt like every time I tried to talk to someone my voice went unheard. I was bullied by the stupid guy in electronics who prides himself in his marriage and online job, but, you work at target, just like me, you’re no better than me. so finally black friday rolls around. I wasn’t going to be in town. “It’s voluntary, and just let me know if you want to work it.” The store team lead told me. I told him I was going to be out of town and already took the days off in the online system and it was approved. Come two weeks before and the schedule comes out, and I’m scheduled for a shift lasting nearly all night, right at nine hours. When I caught the HR girl that makes the schedules she was with the team lead and I told them what had happened and they got an attitude saying “so you aren’t going to work that shift?” I said I couldn’t and that I wouldn’t be here and I had given prior notice and they said okay and walked off. I was called 3 times after to work a black friday shift.

A seasonal worker got a GSA job over a girl that had been there for 18 months, she quit.

The soft lines team lead left all the abandons and zone for the closing shift and ran out as fast as she could when we came in so she didn’t have to deal with complaints.

“John” helped everyone more than any LOD, everyone in the store insisted he was the favorite LOD and ironically he was “let go”, along with the AP who was also a favorite of the team members.

I haven’t seen or talked to my Store team lead since I ┬ádidn’t take that black friday shift.

I was told over the walkie multiple times “GIRLS IS LOOKING AWFUL, CAN YOU COME PICK UP ALL THIS STUFF OFF THE FLOOR?” Once I had like 3 abandons for boys and I went over there to pick up dropping off the boys abandons along the way and my Store Team Lead yelled across the store “WHAT I NEED YOU TO PICK UP IS OVER HERE, AND YOU NEED TO DO THIS FIRST” you have 2 arms, you see this is on the floor why don’t you pick it up? Because soft lines closing shifts are the literal bitches of target, we’re the Cinderella’s, and folding clothes is not what LOD’s do.

My breaking point was my hours being cut back to 5 a week. i couldn’t pay bills, and when i asked for more, they gave me a week off, and when I asked to be available they called me a half hour before they needed me to work a shift. i couldn’t take it anymore. I found a new job, and once I was hired, I put in my 2 weeks. Only to decide working 2 jobs, and school was too much, I called and gave my final notice this morning, I apologized and was treated like the soft line bitch one last time before telling HR- “have a nice day” and hanging up.

I’m sad to leave target but I got to be too much, and I’m 21, I don’t need stress in my life, I need to have joy. I’m sad because I loved the team members I worked with and I will miss all my soft line girls and all the people I had so much fun being around. I know if and when I go back they will understand why I left, they probably already know. It’s just hard because I didn’t get to explain myself and I know I’ll be talked about as the girl who quit, and my work load is put on someone else. But maybe by the grace of God an LOD will get off of their ass in clerical and do some work.

-Looking for reassurance


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  • TargetSucks says:

    What's with the Jesus freaks lately?

  • rainprincess64 says:

    Love the people you worked with not the company you all worked for together. Tarshit is an awful company that doesn't care about the welfare of anyone else but the execs and supposedly its "guests". Besides why does it matter what they think of you if you're not around them anymore?


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