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July 7, 2014 - Bluebird86

I have the Store Team Lead from Hell

I may have the Store Team Lead from Hell. I never worked under someone so ignorant in my life. Other team members including myself have gone above her head and complained to the District Manager and some have even called the human resource offices at corporate and she is never reprimanded for some of the horrible things she does. There are so many stories however this one was the most recent and one of the worst incidents we have had with her. I don’t know how it works in other Targets but our store won’t put on more then two cashiers for a good chunk of the day so the GSTL will call for two to three backups at a time. The problem is there are no more than four people working on the floor. The calls for back up happen in twenty minute intervals and they only have the back ups on the register for literally five minutes at a time. No one including any of the specialty teams (Pricing, instocks, etc) can get their work done because our store team lead expects us all to go up when ever the very unorganized GSTL calls for backup. I had to use the restroom and while I was inside the GSTL called for two backups. Everyone was either busy with guests or were on their break so no one responded to back up for a good three minutes and by then there were no more lines to back up. Our store team lead, from her office, went on her walkie and individually called every single team member over channel one, for everyone to hear, and made them explain why they did not respond to back up. When she asked me I did not respond to her right away because I was not going to go on a public channel and explain the reason I did not go was because I was peeing. When she yelled for me again I asked her to go to another channel but she stayed on channel one and expected me to answer her where everyone can hear. She was deliberately embarrassing me and all the other team members. I finally told her I was in the restroom and she told me that I should have responded anyway. I cannot believe target has this kind of person representing their company. I made a harassment claim against her and nothing has been done about it and she still makes the biggest paycheck there.


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  • Silverfox says:

    next time tell her you're tending to nature's calls. She wants tmi? Give it to her

  • Ishmael says:

    I've got a worse one. I work overnight and we have a TL that does not care who gets hurt or how much merch gets broken as long as the truck is finished in an hour. He will not slow down for pallet pulls and pushs the line so hard stuff falls off and breaks making a slippery dangerous mess. If you can't keep up he gets verbally abusive. He pushed so hard one night that a piece of furniture requiring a team lift came off the line and injured a female TM so badly they had to call an ambulance. AND then he would not stop to let the EMT's into the store, leaving them waiting outside for half an hour! WTF is he still here?

  • bandwagonfan says:

    That's when everyone should stop working; stop pushing, and basically, have a mutiny. If I were an ETL, I would have fired his ass.


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