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November 13, 2014 - Nemo

I have my Bachelors in Backstocking

I’ve worked for target for four years now. If that’s any kind of accomplishment.
I picked up my current Team Member position over in Softlines (Women’s, Men’s, and Children’s Clothing) during the seasonal hiring and at first I was just happy to have a little extra cash coming in, my rent was paid there was gas in my car everything was good. For my first few weeks at Target I was mostly closing in softlines then I was moved to the softlines portion of the Flow Team, In the store I work at the Flow Team consists of 10 Team Members because everyone quits. Small wonder. The part that burns my bacon the most is that the Target I work at is not in any way low volume. Unfortunately the store I work at is in a small town so it was built as a low volume target, BUT our sales rival that of some of the Super Targets in our district. As the saying goes we’re too big for our britches. Our sales grossing so high means that we get high volume trucks (3400+ pieces) with a low or ultra low volume team.
In the time that I have been at this Target I have outlasted 4 Logistic ETLs and countless Team Members, with such a fast turnaround on job rate you think that we might have caught coprates attention but I suppose that things are a little rocky there as well seeing on how we’ve had three different district leaders in the last 4 years as well.
I digress I apologize, It seems to me that every time we have an ETL change we AGAIN need to prove our work ethics and that we’re functional team members, which is annoying because our hours always drop.
Currently we have an ETL who is new to not only our store but to the logistic side of things as well. I slightly feel bad for her because not only does she not have enough Team Members to work with but our store does not currently have a back room TL.
A few weeks ago the sales floor ETL at my store and the team lead from softlines came in to the back and started walking down the soft lines aisles in the back room making comments like “What a mess it is back here” and the like. That slightly annoyed me simply because the aisle is divided into 7 sections and in each section I put a brand of clothing (Xhilaration, Merona, Mossimo Red, Moss Black, Other random brand ect. ect.) each of these sub sections would be in size order from the top of the aisle down (which would make too much sense for when it comes inventory time) but because the way I backstocked everything didn’t makes sense from a sales floor position they decided to redo my aisle for me. They are now as follows: Womens X-Small and Small (all brands thrown together) Womens Medium (all brands thrown together) Womens Large (All brands thrown together) and so on and so forth. After completely destroying my aisles after I had painstakingly organized them in a certain logistic sense way they now want me to Sub section the subsections of these aisles which makes is overly convoluted because our PDAs when you go to pull something will already tell you what specific aisle and waco to go to when pulling items. I fell like sales floor leaders need to stay out of the backroom and let us do our jobs, We know our areas better than they do, we also know our store and our guest better.


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