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September 24, 2013 - Mindy

I hate you T1846

I hate you with a passion and I can’t say it enough! Starting from the STL to all her little ugly ducklings following behind her like lost little puppies. Only cause they have to not because they want to. They have to kiss ass and worship the ground she walks on.

Theyre all the same kind of like programmed little robots, saying yes master! I really wanna say exactly what I know about each and everyone one of them but I don’t wanna get anyone in trouble because the ETL’s start blaming people and find an excuse to write them up.

Oh and today they had a “salsa” contest to see who made the best salsa can you believe that shit lol, get a life! No one else was involved but the same people nothing but TL’s, ETL’s and senior team leads, give me a break is that really a “team” event? That doesn’t sound FFF to me.


Why don’t you guys have a competition about which Etl gets the most red cards come on bust your ass for once, lead by example on a store activity level not some lame ass chili cook off or salsa contest.

Great way to milk the clock by hanging out in the break room to have people sample your shit. Too bad corporate doesn’t see video footage of how the ETL’s “work” fucking joke.


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  • bananasuit says:

    I hate you too T1846! Micromanage these nuts you fuckards!

  • viciousdave says:

    Since you know how they work and how much the TLs of many areas are not working and partying too much, email they're names and positions and store number to target head quarters by going to and admitting an email by going to the bottom and in the red links there is a contact us. Click on it to email, tell them your team number as well and action will take place fast as I myself have told corporate head quarters through the email how bad a team lead of mine is and was fired 4 months later.

  • cihysfstfu says:

    salsa contest hahaha wtf is wrong with you idiots, this store is a fucking joke. I want to say thanks to Viciousdave for the info about emailing corporate straight from the target website. I will gladly spread the word around to all the team members since no one in their right mind feels comfortable enough to talk to anyone there as far as management. This should be interesting.


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