Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

October 21, 2018 - Rosietheriveter

I hate you corporate.

How do I hate thee, let me count the ways
Target corporate, I hate thee because:

1. I spend too much time thinking, worrying and perseverating over a job that does not, think, worry or care a shred for any of its employees.

2.  control issues.  Guess what, if I stay late for you, then you should graciously ok me to leave early on a different day. I am a human and deserve to be treated as such!
3. You believe I am magic and even though that would be great, I am of course not magical in unloading the truck to your insane time line.
4. You think I am psychic and again I do not have the ability to know what you want me to do on a daily basis when your rules change at  a speed equivalent to a target cashier’s corporate mandated checkout speed. Both ridiculously too fast. Guess what?? If you don’t write anything down nor give your store leaders time to talk to the team, the leadership sinks.
When I ask my leader what I should start on and he tells me I should know this and then i do the wrong thing, guess whose fault that is, no not me. No, not the leader. It is always corporate’ s fault because they are in charge.
5. I hate you to hell and back for your lack of air conditioning.  Gyms have cool air for a reason.  I am unloading a truck in the backroom at 4am and you don’t turn on the lack of air for your guests til 8 or 9.
6. I hate you for your breaking my state law that says you are required to give employees a copy of their check. I have direct deposit and now no check stub. (I make sure to print this out on your time and tell others.)
7. I live in a high housing cost area, do you think you could pay us enough money to afford something. Maybe actually be able to shop at the targates of hell?
(Ford paid his employees enough to be able to by a car because he cared, you don’t.)
Or even to be able to afford food and lodging. Many walk, bike, or get a ride to work, use food pantries all whilst working here as much as you allow, how is that fair in your mind? The only employees who can afford anything have a significant other with a good job.
8.  It is not ok to allow sexual harrassment, or physical threats. I have been threatened by and later expected to continue working with these people. One team member transferred after harrassment when the man accused continued bothering her even after she reported it.
9. If the human resources employees act like they are inhumane resourceless, they should be fired.  I do not care how much you need them, screaming at employees is rude and you will eventually create your own demise as you did in Canada by not acknowledging that you employ people not cogs.  They are supposed to help us, 1 does at my store, 1 creates chaos any chance she gets.
10. Speaking of threatening, 2 leaders have threatened to fire me: 1 for questioning why there was a sign stating that if team members had not been in violation they would get a shirt. I said that I was not in violation as I had not come in late at all. Oh, no no, you must not call in sick at all.  I said, “I did call in sick once because I was sick and to come in and infect everyone would not be good” and his response was”I can fire you for calling in sick” my response, “no, you can’t it is not a violation to call in sick when you are sick. The state law (my state) says so.  His response, “well that may be the state law but that is not Target’s law.” Then I just walked away cause it was not worth it.  It blows my mind that the leaders are so caught up in the cult that they can’t see reality or treat you like a person. Because obviously state law is above whatever TARGET  All Mighty says!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s also illegal to threaten to fire someone due to using earned sick time (in my state)
2nd threat was same so-called-leader.  They were changing the break-out, as usual, and I said, that due to my disability that I had no idea I had until I had to try to work in retail, I would not be able to work it that way, so I said I should be transferred to a new area and his response, “We don’t move team members to new areas, we move them out the door.”  Again, corporates rules, corporates fault for demanding total blind compliance for everyone. It does not work because everyone has differences that may cause a need to tweek the system to allow us all to succeed.

3rd time other leader said that if I didn’t want to follow rules , I could not work there.  I never said I didn’t want to follow rules I only said that if the rule is to be in the way of the guests unloading goods when I could easily move my cart into the main aisle to get out of their way and corporate tells my leader to fire me for this then that is ridiculous.

Most of all I hate that when I walked in this am, my team all looked extremely sad and it’s corporates fault because they don’t care about any one of them.

I hope y’all find your peace somewhere else by exiting the targates.


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