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August 13, 2016 - greeneyedchick

I hate Red cards

so up till today I thought it was just my store who harrasses us to get those damn red cards. Ive heard, not today, my husband has one, i left mine home, im trying to pay it off, i wont get approved. Im jut sick & tired of it, im lucky if I get 1 a day & I ask everyone, mean while another cashier gets between 10-15+ a day. No clue how she does it…


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  • viciousdave says:

    I'm a rebel on things I don't like. So with this one day I just said no not gonna tell people at all. Don't like it, too bad. But they keep me maybe because I'm a fast cashier. Also if you tell them you have annoyance or anxiety about there come on get at least one red card today and you better ask every guest, they just say you signed up for this job, gotta deal with it. After a few years they don't care or complain about me not getting red cards. I'm disabled in a large loss of hearing and a brain tumor also, so maybe that helped, but overall tell the truth of what you want, if they say no just stop asking for red cards, if they ask why just say oh yes I am always trying so hard. Eventually they just stop asking.


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