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August 23, 2013 - ProhibitionRose

I hate my TL

Today I was scheduled to open, as I have been for the past three days. Everything was going great until my TL came in for the mid-shift at Starbucks. You would think on a busy day that she could oh, you know…stick around and help me with the line of customers. First, she immediately goes over to talk to people she knows. Then, she just vanishes! I’ve been there three weeks and already I hate my job.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I was scheduled to get off at 5 and a half hours so I wouldn’t have to take a lunch. She goes on lunch 15 minutes before I get off work, and is gone for 45 minutes!!! And when I see her, she is in the aisles talking to some guy and flirting!

When she gets back, I get yelled at for not talking a lunch. I didn’t get a lunch or a 15 minute break. Two different ETL’s yell at me, then as I am heading on my way to clock out, ANOTHER person who’s title I don’t even know pulls me into her office because I wasn’t “vibing” with a customer and I looked “upset”. No kidding?! Maybe because I got yelled at twice in ten minutes, hadn’t gotten a bathroom break in six hours or gotten to even rest for a minute.

If I didn’t need this paycheck, I would quit.


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  • viciousdave says:

    Don't feel bad if you have to yell. I have. Never worked at Starbucks, but as a cashier, when ever I have a talk to about sell the red cards or you've bad to a guest. I say so what, do what you have to, I am following the law of Minnesota labor law. I told them I am required for a break, I have my light off way before they came in. It is my god damn right as an American to tell these people, I'm sorry, but I am required by MN state labor law to take a break now! Never ever allow anyone deny you a break when it's required by law or you can sue and have government restrict and disable team leads from working at Target ever again.

    • ProhibitionRose says:

      Half the time I don't even see anyone, or the people "scheduled" to cover my breaks don't show up. It's like they forget about me. And when I press that stupid red button on the register saying I need I get any? NEVER!


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