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March 15, 2017 - AnonymousTM

I Hate Cashiering!

I live in a fairly rich city, so almost all the “guests” are snobby, short, and snippy with me. The other day I had some crazy lady with her screaming baby bite my head just because I was “socializing” with the lady before her while I was ringing her up, you know, doing my JOB.

I could come to work in the best mood and just an hour of cashiering will ruin it. I keep trying to get my ETL to cross train me elsewhere that doesn’t involve dealing with as many guests, like softlines or the café, but, you know how that goes at Target. “Oh, payroll is too low” “oh, there’s no one to train you at that time.” Every excuse in the book.

When the GSTL’s push me too hard on REDcards, I get back at them by finding the moodiest guest in my line, pushing them for the card to the point they get pissed and want to complain to a manager, then watching them take the heat. Do that enough times, and they’ll shut up.

I did not know what I was signing up for when I clicked “cashier” on my Target application. If you’re thinking of applying to Target, do yourself a favor and pick ANYTHING as your first, second, and third choice but cashier. The consistent rude customers, pressure to get REDcards, and screaming, obnoxious little beasts will have you hating your job in a month, if not less.

I’m lucky enough to work at a well-paying Target, but if you deal with all this bull for minimum wage, just quit. Washing dishes at McDonald’s is more pleasant than this.


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  • kneecola says:

    i feel you. the thing with being a cashier is that you HAVE to develop thick skin or youll never be able to handle it. now i work in softlines, and whenever i was called up to back up i thought, gosh, whos gonna piss me off today? i can handle it now, but im not sure how cashiers manage not to strangle some of those people. props to them.

    i recommend making friends with co workers who you can vent it out to sometimes, it makes you feel so much better.

    the way redcards get pushed blow. thats a fact. i think in the 8 months ive been with target ive only gotten one. its a pretty shitty discount unless you go there to get weekly groceries.

    try to talk to an LOD or HR instead of the ETL about cross training. you can try to say you dont feel cashiering is a good fit and youd like to be cross trained in market, hardlines, softlines, seasonal, anything else. i can say those positions are a lot more easier to handle if you dont like constant interaction with customers. that sounds like total BS about training, anyone can train you who has worked in that position. and this time of year my store has already started hiring again. that doesnt seem right at all.

  • Silverfox says:

    Well I tried to send some red card your way. Some ladies were talking about the target red card, so I mentioned do try to sign up in store at your cashier. Give them a red card sign up and if that if they had a red debit card, they can sign up for the red credit card to the poor cashier another red card. Also highlighted the fact that the credit card version can be paid instantly at customer service. 🙂 ANd I also mentioned the hounding the gstls are doing for red card sign ups. Don't know if that resulted in a few more, but hopefully I got you guys some more sign ups.

    I tried to be helpful!

  • poohbear80 says:

    I agree, you don't want to be a cashier at target. When you are out shopping, observe cashiers at other stores to get an idea of their job duties and checkout the Glassdoor website where employees review the company they work for. This will give you an idea of several stores to apply for that would be a better fit for you.

  • TarSecret says:

    I was a cashier for target for about 2 years. Oh good luck asking to be cross train they might if you kiss ass to your HR like I did. But don't be surprised if you end up back as a cashier for a long while. I was told "once a cashier always a cashier " well they didn't say that... but I knew they meant it in that way. I will always regret hitting that "cashier button" but hey least you done it and learned it is not for you. Anyways after they said "once a cashier always a cashier" I left that bitch in 3 weeks. And found a new job where I work in the floor and am a lot less miserable. So break yourself free by just applying for a new job just don't hit that "cashier button " hahaha!


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