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May 1, 2013 - rebecca_k

I feel like they are picking on me…ALL the time.

So I’ve worked at Target for almost 2 years and I just got my review(woohoo! a 12 cent raise because I’ve worked their for 22 months, so my pay is not $8.22) and during my review the GSTL told me that my attendance was at 95% and my cashier speed was 98%. She said that most people don’t have the 95% attendance and would love for everyone to have it that high. I was so happy, someone was actually acknowledging me for something good that I do, since I get almost no stupid REDcards.

So I went back out to my lane and I was asking almost every guest. I was asking the way they told me ask, by “engaging” with them, blah blah blah, and then that same GSTL has to just hover over me the whole night, telling me to make sure I push the “additional assistance” button when there is a backup, or circling the survey. REALLY? Does anyone care about the survey? NO! And no one wanted a stupid REDcard. How am I supposed to get to our store goal of 2.05 conversion when no one wants a card?!! last year the goal was 1.05% and I was barely there, now it has raised and it’s just gotten ridiculous!

Whenever one of the annoying GSTL’s or LOD/ETL is on shift, they always just stand near my lane, making sure I’m doing my job and then they find some stupid way to criticize me.

Why do all the people that tell me every single day to get a REDcard never have to actually be on a lane and get a REDcard? I want them to see how “easy” it really is, forcing these people to get card.


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  • quitters_win says:

    I felt like they were picking on me too them sons of fucking bitches. I swear to god if any employers treats me like that again I'm going to blow their heads off. Anyways fuck target.

  • bestdayever says:

    During my time at Target, I served as our stores REDcard captain. I was incredibly unhappy being force fed this responsibility that I didn't ask for, but me being the clever little asshole I am, I decided to add a twist to it. I started pressuring the TL's and ETL's to lead by example and "Challenged" them to each get just ONE REDcard each month. Several of them protested, but I pointed out the number of transactions each one had done doing backups and posed it as "If you do 800 transactions in a month and don't get any REDcards, is that really the example you want to portray?". Going into it, I knew they wouldn't be able to actually get any REDcards, I honestly just wanted to see them squirm a bit. Funny enough, the one that threw the biggest hissy fit about how hard it was and how unfair it was that she had to try to get REDcards was our GE-ETL(the one in charge of the cashiers, GSAs and GSTLs). I never had issues with getting REDcards, mostly because I am incredibly good with names and I remember people who come in the store frequently. I just talk to them like they're my bff and build a trust level and get them to sign up. Imagine the look on my face when my GE-ETL had spent 10 minutes yelling at me about making the ETLs and TLs try to get REDcards when OBVIOUSLY no one wanted any, then I notice a few regulars in a cashier's lane, walk up and start talking to them for a few minutes and get all 3 of them to sign up right then and there(under my cashier's number, because I'm not a douche). It was absolutely priceless, hahaha!

  • bestdayever says:

    Oh, the icing on that cake was I walked away telling her "Maybe you're just not putting your heart into it" which is something she would tell our cashiers on a regular basis.


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