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September 4, 2018 - MarketSurvivor

I feel bad for those I left behind

I am about to put my notice in at Target. I’d do it  sooner but I need to have another job before I do. But I have only been working there for a few months now and I literally can’t take much more.

First our HR lady screwed over my training schedule. After a week or so my shifts completely changed and I wasn’t even fully trained. Not to mention they failed to cashier train me on my first day and it took them weeks to finally do it. And it was a small handful of customers at our mall entrance. With no shadowing or anything. I had one person to ask for help and she was very timid and not very outspoken. She also fucked up my request for days off that I asked for in the interview. So I had to call in on both of those days when I shouldn’t of had to in the first place!

And to be honest I don’t know half of the fucking terminology the store uses. I don’t know what or who is a ETL, GSL, or whatever. I don’t even know who is actually in charge of Market when the TL is gone. Tonight I was the most senior member of the Market team and I got stuck being in charge of it for 7 hours! And the stuff they wanted me to do I had no idea what to push. They said this stuff and all that stuff was already pushed! Challenging is a waste of time.

They have a goal for us, 38 cases an hour. That’s pushing, zoneing, critical lows and outs and backstocking. It’s to much work for too little time. And recently our TL has ZIPTIED TIMERS TO THE U BOATS!  And the best part is HE DOESN’T EVEN CHECK THEM. There’s no way he would hear the beeping from across the store or in the freezer. So why they fuck do we have them? He also says Snacks is our biggest seller but the snacks backstock area is filled to capacity that we have to put some on the shelves next to it. So if it’s our biggest seller? Why is there stuff going out of date in the back? Because he barely has anyone doing Pulls. It’s all push push push! We get 3 truck loads of 6-13 pallets 3 days a week! We don’t have time to pull old stuff when there’s new stuff to push. Cause if we don’t then we don’t have room for the next new stuff. He has unrealistic expectations for us. Ones even he couldn’t do himself.

They recently and are about to finish consturccons on some shelves in the backroom. And our Ambient room/meat cooler/ produce cooler is on the opposite side of the store from our dairy cooler and freezer. We now have a 4 ft space at a sharp 90° angle to move 3.5 foot pallets. It’s barely possible and that’s without moving things out of your way. Anytime we need to get something in or out of there it’s going to be clearing a path of people and tubs and boxes. It’s adding to our time wasted moving around the store.

And I feel horrible when a guest asks for something that’s in the dairy cooler or really any cooler. Because we don’t locate things back there anymore. I literally don’t know what we have because we don’t keep track of it. And the freezer is a maze itself so even if we do have it. IDK where to look in there cause the WACOs are out of order.

Today I was responding to a call in a different department because there’s no radio organization or discipline. And I get there to help the guest. The beach TL or whatever who was just begging someone to go help the guests shows up before I can even do anything and says we don’t have the product they are looking for cause we are out. And I look and see there’s a second location and she says it’s out there too!. Bitch if you knew that why didn’t you just tell them yourself and not call out Market on the radio to go waste their time. She has been a consistent issue with many people around the store.

And another thing. I am a transwoman who has yet to start hormone therapy. And when I started I was asking to see if it would be okay to get a pin to wear with my pronouns on it. I was told that if I wait Target might get one for me. I waited a week for a response when I was told I’d have one within a day. And they said No. Thanks, I went a week being misgendered by guests and coworkers. Some who still do it. I’m not one of those fake “Did you just assime my gender people” but it still hurts that even when in plain sight it says that they don’t.

Target has literally left me wanting to cut myself to distract from the pain and stress I feel. I don’t feel respected, I don’t feel like the leadership cares. And I don’t feel like the store runs like it should. It’s very disfunctional. I can’t wait to leave and I hope the people still there get out soon.


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  • Silverfox says:

    Lol no wonder they flunked out of CANADA. Target you fucking installed SAP . FUCKING USE IT PROPERLY. Oh yeah forgot they had trouble with it because they were so fucking lazy and slack entering accurate data that they broke it and didn't want to take the time to re enter all the data they messed up before opening. OOPS.

  • bigrog44 says:

    Target knew about the fuck ups that happened a few years ago. They decided to use the money to build sores in Canada instead of using the money to fix the problem before it happens. Then if there is another fuck up, they'll blame it on the team member they don't like. After Target got sued, they decided to fix the problem and spent lots of money doing it. The had to close stores in Canada to fuck up their economy. They also closed stores in the mid west. Then they had CVS as their pharmacy and Starbucks as their cafe. Target is such a stupid company. Target wants to compete with Walmart. Next to the Target around here used to be a Sports Authority. Now it's closed. Sports Authority has enough space to put a grocery section in to make it a Super Target. They cn bring in lots of revenue with it being a Super Target. They are no grocery store around except Super Walmart, bu that's even far down the road. It's not across the street. You come to my town and tell me what would you do. Their excuse is hat we don't have enough money and too much paperwork. Take that risk and see what happens. Don't be chicken shit.


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