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December 4, 2014 - PhoneBitch101

I Do Not Know (or Care)

First, just wanna holla out to all my Fitting Room/Operators out there! It is a tough gig that everyone thinks is easy! Boy, am I OVER it!

Anyway, I work at (and have been since June) a Target in California and naturally as the rest of the country is approaching winter and getting snow, it is raining like CRAZY here. And OH am I SICK of hearing people ask/complain about nonexistent rain gear. I even had this older dude go off on me with some tirade about how he doesn’t understand why Target doesn’t have winter gear (in my head I heard “winter”) and that he’s gonna tell all his friends and family not to go to Target to get “winter” gear because there isn’t any. And that if at a meeting we might have (as if we hold any kind of meetings at Target) if I could speak up on his behalf (as if I, a bottom of the food chain worker have any say in anything) and maybe mention getting some “winter” gear AKA RAIN gear because California does not have winter. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve tried to explain the concept of “seasonal” to people. Like, NO we don’t have fucking bathing suits in November (but actually just wait ’til this week ’cause apparently they’re coming).

But, seriously, what does this guy think my job is? When customers ask “Do you know when you’ll be carrying this item?” or “When will you be getting more in?” what do they actually expect to hear? Like, do they actually just have a wild misconception of what our jobs are or are they just asking this questions without thinking? Or both??

Either way, I’m over this shit. I cannot wait to put my two weeks in. (Next time, let’s talk about how they interviewed a bunch of people including myself for a TL position and never promoted anyone and how much of a fake bitch my STL is)

Seriously, though, this website was the greatest find ever. My heart goes out to all my TMs out there!

P.S. “Do you have more in the back?” Softlines 98% of the time, NO. “What’s the price of this after the discount?” GET A FUCKING CALCULATOR.


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