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April 12, 2013 - SamusXV

I am done

I finally am out of there! 2 years in that hell hole was enough… I will try to just highlight the major reasons I absolutely hate that place.

After 3 months of working cashier, they asked me to apply for the softlines brand position that was open. Let me warn anyone who is thinking about this…do not, I repeat DO NOT! apply for Brand… To break down brand, you do the TL’s job in SL, while they sit upstairs and gossip about you behind your back and you only make a quarter more than base pay. So fast forward a few months I’m balancing college and work, but my¬†quadriplegic¬†father gets extremely sick. The day after my family and I had a meeting with the doctors on whether or not to end life-support my ETL and TL call me into the office and put me on CA, my ETL tells me that I am not committed enough to brand because I had missed too many shifts to see my dying father… I then asked to step down from brand because the stress of college, work, and my dad was just too much, and I was promptly told that I could only either transfer stores or be promoted. So being stupid and at the end of my rope I quit school so I wouldn’t lose my job, again I was young and stupid.


So fast forward to now. I’ve been brand for awhile, and quite honestly I was great at it. I worked hard busted my butt, I one time set 35 tables in one week by myself (This is a very big accomplishment) and I was damn proud. Well, I applied for the AP opening, I am a criminal justice major and something that interest me. The week of my interview I am called upstairs my TL, he is new has no clue what he is doing and is the utter lackey of the other SL TL who has no clue what he is doing and I have to reteach how to do nearly everything all the time. He procceds to coach me on things he has noticed, even though he’s been on vacation for over a week he has suddenly noticed all these things! Or more likely his overlord didn’t want me to move to AP so he trumped up a bunch of nothing to try and keep me in SL. One accusation was that I ask to leave all the time, well the only time I have ever asked any SL TL to leave early was last month in the middle of a snow storm (MN winters yay?) and I needed to make it on time to class and we were DEAD and had 5 people in SL and that transfered to “It’s obvious to us that you do not want to be here”. Another thing they “noticed” was I was uninformed on tables, and recently they’ve been scheduling me everywhere except my area, so the fact that the only table I was “uninformed” on was one that had a note from the other brand tm only saying “Don’t Set” sorry not a mind reader, I must be uninformed since I didn’t know what she meant by that.


The final straw came on Friday. I had a last minute minor family emergency and needed to go home to be with them. It was past store close so I texted a friend and she wanted hours so she agreed to come in the next day. Well even though someone came in since I didn’t call it counted as a No Call No Show, so no slap on the wrist or coaching, just instant NCNS. I have another friend who later told me she does that all the time and has never been called on that. So even though she did it tons of times (also on the same day she did it) I get written up and she didn’t. Well right after that I’m called into the AP office and told the ETL AP heard through a rumor that I have a bad attitude and he would not give me an interview… He kept saying “It’s not because you’re female I promise” I didn’t say anything about that, but umm makes me wonder a bit…So I put in my notice, and put all my shifts on the board and wrote some nice obscenties in the “reasons for leaving” part. I’m usually a nice upbeat postive person, but Target has beaten that out of me…

Sorry for the rant, almost wish I could include more on reasons I hate target…maybe later.


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  • redevilredevil says:

    I turned the sl brand job down for that reason. Why? The girl before me got a $1 raise for it, me I was going to get 25 cents hahaha I was jst like no thanks keep that shitty position I'll jst keep doing the same shit and in my year review im sure I'll get the 25 cents. I was right well I was just off by 3 cents lol.


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