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September 10, 2014 - sodonewithtarget3

I am done and I havent even been for a month.

Target is a hell whole. They wont work with my school hours. They gave me hell for calling off when I didn’t feel well. I work in the cafe and I should not be there if I am not feeling well.  I have been there for 2 weeks and I am done with their shit. I am a full time student and they think I can also work 32 hours. I told them I only wanted up to 25 hours a week but they could care less. I am seriously so done. I  would be gone by now if I wasnt so desperate for money. Do not work for Target. Never ever fall in that hell whole.


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  • iquit2014 says:

    Literally have the same problem wit the hours. I put my two weeks in the begginning of the week but I'm calling today and telling them I'm done.

  • SusieH says:

    You're smarter than I am.

    I need to quit so badly. Doing it soon.

    Education and your health comes first.

  • viciousdave says:

    Wow, that's weird. My store understands and always works well with educational needs and under 18 high school students as well. My HR helps a lot. Although one time they were an ass to me, soon after they moved that bitch to backroom, haha! Now we got a good HR again for a long time. Sorry for the bad time with your time keeper person. Doesn't understand the needs for education I guess. Dumbass people in this world, how does one not understand educational wants for the future?


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