Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

December 26, 2014 - a_c91

i absolutely HATE target

So I’ve worked at an Australian Target for the past 2 years and let me tell you it’s been hell from the start of my first shift.

I never decided to actually post about this hell hole until now, however I frequently scroll through here before my shifts to make me feel like my anger towards going to work and dealing with all the shit thrown at me is shared, which makes me feel slightly less alone about my hateful thoughts and feelings towards this place.

I’m not sure how much the Australian Target differs from the US but from what I’ve read on here they seem to be fairly similar. I have a few things to complain about.

Firstly, as a newly hired employee who was quite excited about getting her second job, I was shocked to find how little the managers actually cared my existence. Everyone I talk to about my job are shocked when I tell them that I have, in fact, never been trained. Ever. Everything I do at work I have self-taught myself. Every employee at my work has never been trained also, either that or they are extremely poorly trained. I guess I wasn’t too fussed about the no training part, because I’ve always liked to learn by doing things myself… however, it’s when my alarmingly overweight,  nasty, two-faced bitch of a manager with a clearly terrible personal hygiene routine has the nerve to tell me off for doing something minutely wrong or not according to her own standards, that I get angry. Because it’s not my fault that I wasn’t trained by anyone.

I believe this manager has about 50% to do with my distaste towards my job, however the other 50% involves inconsiderate, lazy, unnecessarily rude and demanding customers; including being given 5 people’s jobs to do in an impossibly short amount of time since the store is incredibly under-staffed, and being expected to complete said jobs perfectly, WHILE handling these shocking customers. This other half also includes the rest of the terrible managers who have the nerve to jump down my throat for so much as saying hello to a friend I hadn’t seen in a few weeks, and then leaning on the customer service desk chatting with each other for an hour during which they should be.. I DON’T KNOW, MANAGING THE STORE???

This is going to go on for a hell of a lot longer unless I force myself to stop typing now, but I hate retail. I hate having to smile at inconsiderate fuck wit customers who love leaving stock lying around and who enjoy messing up the clothes they’ve JUST watched me fold and walking away after hearing me sigh loudly, leaving me with only more shit to clean up when I’m already struggling to finish my jobs in a short time, while almost passing out from the anxiety I feel towards being belittled, accused wrongly, and yelled at by my arrogant bitch of a manager.

I’ve been job searching for a while now and can’t wait for the day I can look that bitch in the eye and tell her I hope she gets caught on fire someday.


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  • Silverfox says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble but the Australian target on the other side of the world has no relation to the American target. They are only twins in name and logo.

    • Bombcar says:

      They are the same company as K-Mart in Australia, they just license the names from the American companies.

    • a_c91 says:

      You haven't burst my bubble at all actually - it doesn't matter that they have no relation to each other, both the American and Australian Target are retail companies who sell similar if not the same stuff, the only difference being is that they are in separate countries. My poor experience at my job shouldn't be discredited on here just because I work "on the other side of the world".


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