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January 2, 2020 - brendag-n

Humiliated for no reason

I was hired for seasonal at Target and at first it was good.I got along with my co-workers and did a good job training me for the position I was working but unfortunately that’s as far as training goes. I got scolded by team leads for not doing things the right way when I didn’t even know how I was supposed to do things because they never fully trained me. Moving on, I got the grasp of things and got better at my job but it seemed like the the team leads love to nit pick and was consistently getting in trouble for little things that you’d never thought it’d be a problem. Aside from all the red flags I still wanted to be there and work at target hoping to stay there permanently. I busted my back off taking all kinds of shifts showing earlier than I was scheduled to help them out and stayed past my shift to help team members. To make all this worse they cut my hours completely without telling me anything but I still had to work New Year’s Day. I didn’t think of it much so I just decided to show up,when I get there and try to punch in and I git rejected, I asked teammates what was going on and they completely acted like I didn’t exist and then was told by a manager that they no longer needed me there. It’s understandable that it was a seasonal job but what’s unacceptable that they made me drive two hours to work when I was out of town and show up just to humiliate me in front of everyone and fire me without having the decency to call or letting me know sooner. If you plan to apply at Target just be aware that the people who work there are not what they seem to be and. It seems like Target loves to bash Walmart and thinks so highly of itself when it’s actually just like Walmart


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  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    Tarshit will do that too to you. They will fire you and then tell you afterwards. Tarshit is a no good bunch of scumbag.

    • pj5 says:

      They don't care what you have done to go above and beyond because to them it's expected as normal employee behavior. the same as their unrealistic expectations of high work load. Them not giving you any notice not even a day notice is disgusting and even hypocritical for a company that preaches that their employees give their all to them when they give not even an ounce of that in return.

  • One4OneAsshatz says:

    Dude why did the same shit happen to me ??
    Worked my de termine Ass off. What I did get in return was scolded for not being fast enough, I’m like dude you’ve been working here for like years! Hello new here dumb ass.
    I feel your pain though bro. Don’t you fucking hate one for one’s

  • Silverfox says:

    Um how about paying attention during Training? I swear half the newbies these days don't pay attention during training. And it takes them forever to learn one thing. I mean, they ask me what's the code? I tell them and then they say I don't get it. Like Wtf girl. So I gave up and just walked around and punched it off for her. I'm too busy to explain to her how to press 4 digits. Dress code: dress shoes or pure black shoes and people wear fucking sneakers with color on them.


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