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December 2, 2015 - RedCardMan

How to get redcards

I get away with more than the average employee because A) the TLs know I don’t care what they think – fire me. and B) because I get them cards when I want to.

I don’t even ask about the card until I see what the gust is paying with. If the TLs are harassing you for cards try this out: you ask the guest if they have the card, they say “yes, but they don’t use it”. Fine. Ask them if it’s been six months since they last used it – if so, they can reapply now and save today. Some TLs will even allow you to knock off a few dollars from the order in addition to the 5% to sweeten the deal.

If the guest is paying by AMEX or Discover, Freedom, or anything with an airplane on the card or AA symbol – FORGET IT. They’re not going to want the card. Save your breath. Keep it short and sweet.

Some credit unions also disallow the Redcard from being linked to the checking account. it will help you if you know which ones.

If the guest is paying by cash, check or any other blah blah card they may go for it, but make the saving real – tell them how much money that day. $50=2.50, 100=5.00, 150=7.50, 200=10. Simple.

You can also mention the card works on iTunes, gaming, restaurant and movie theatre gift cards – half of your TLs won’t know that and the website only just began advertising it. Guests will pay $23.75 for  a$25 card.

If you can spot  a bank card, ask them if they have  a check on them – voided, dog eared – it doesn’t matter. Go for the debit card. There’s no reason to get bent out of shape about it, just mention this stuff.

Good luck this season – the company lost millions on it’s Canada adventure and now they’ll try to take it out on us. If you get a lot of sign-ups, ask for a requisition. let the bastards buy you  a coffee if you have Starbucks. I used to get free coffee every day when I still cared. Now it’s all routine and I only get cards fro TLs who ante-up and play ball.

**** If you REALLY want to change your workplace, get a GSTL who will give you those reqs for cards and then don’t get any for the other TLs unless they play ball too! Don’t spell it out that way  – you’ll get in trouble – JUST PLAY THEM AGAINST EACH OTHER. Make THEM compete for your hard work – IT’S THEIR JOBS THAT ARE ON THE LINE FOR THESE SIGN-UPS, NOT YOURS.

I get like five cards for one GSTL and nothing for the other one because the other is a prick. I can keep my job and they can still get fucked. The other guy knows I’ve got his back so I get my free stuff.


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  • Silverfox says:

    Adding to this, our manager told us we don't take cheques but if they signed up for our credit card, then yes we would take their cheque. We'd process their application and then their order though the card and then the cheque payment instantly at the till.


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