Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

May 14, 2014 - deediva

how i feel about target

Okay so I had been at target for about a year , when I first started this job I was very optimistic.  However that changed really quickly. After about my first month there I wanted to quit, because they give there employees little to no training. All that computer shit don”t count what is anyone really learning.  For me i learn hands on and there wasn’t much training for that such a piss off to me and everyone who started around the same time as me. We’ve all been wondering how you give someone 10 mins of hands on training and then leave them and when they we ask a question they act as if were dumb WTF

So I stayed and thought to myself it will get better. (stupid me)

And it did for a while I talked to one of the Soft line TL’s and got crossed trained, which was a plus because I got to take a break from cash shifts every now and than.

But after 3 months of being there they started getting on us about this RED CARDS, saying that we don’t promote them; first and far most i don’t want a RED CARD and after the US system got compromised why would I want to take that chance or promote it to someone?

Anyhow the few good TL and GSA’s that were working there when I started there that made the job a little bit more bearable either quit, got transferred or fired for unknown reasons.

On top of 10 other team members quiting, and instead of them hiring more team members they decided to put the extra work load on us who already have our plates full.

One of the biggest piss off that I’ve had with that job was that they scheduled one Cashier to close 14 check lanes plus help close soft lines and do Brand Attendant duties all in one hour of closing the store. DOSE ANY ONE ELSE SEE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THAT!!!!!!!!!

And we all getting the same pay?

Thats some BULLSHIT

Ive worked in warehouses that do a better job scheduling and organizing and for more money mind you

80% of the employees that work there say they don’t know why they took the position because now there suck there until they can find another job, because their bills got to get paid someway.






  • TargetGrunt says:

    That's how they get people at first: they create a false sense of security and a friendly work environment, then they try to destroy your morale as much as possible. Someone posted an article about "learned helplessness" a while ago, which is a spot on description of what happens.

    It's funny to that the training modules actually have instructions for trainers that include hands-on training, but I rarely hear that they follow through with it. I know the group I got hired on with was all "trained" by trial-and-error and the powered equipment training was a five minute verbal explanation.

    As for the RedCard, you'd think that Target would realize that 1/3 of the country had their personal information stolen. People aren't just going to forget that and honestly they should stop pushing the stupid cards altogether.

    The scheduling issues are mostly thanks to MyTime's patented "guest-focused scheduling," though HR at my store has been tweaking the schedule before posting it.

    But yeah, we all need to find better jobs. People think it's easy to just "find something else," but I've been applying for at least two to three jobs a week for over a year and have only ever heard back from one company. Might be time to go back to school, if I can afford it.

  • fucktarget says:

    Training! Bwahahahaha! Training is watch a video, store tour, now get out there and close the store by yourself!!! You are magically supposed to know our expectations and be able to do it correctly on your first try. If not, get coached. Training...that made me laugh.

  • says:

    Yeah, I just started working for Target a month ago. The "new job" smell has worn off. I still feel like I don't know WTF I'm doing. They give you a folder, tell you how to work the time clock, take a tour of the store (Which means nothing to a cashier) and then you ringing and HOUNDING people about redcards. I've gotten 3 apps in a month and only one approved. I still have to ask questions and feel like an IDIOT when customers ask me where something is because I have no clue. As a cashier you don't go past the front of the store most days. I don't have time to read the sales papers and customers want to argue. I just give the target coupons and call it a freaking day.

  • conorO25 says:

    All the people disliking posts are either morons, have something to gain from target, hint: management, or in that case both! lol


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