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May 26, 2016 - zambookie92..

Hours Cut

Any other employees that are not on a salary based income get their hours cut today yesterday?

i got a call from one of my etl yesterday afternoon asking if id be willing to cut a couple hours from my shifts. i said sure thinking 2 or 3 hours wont hurt too bad. well she cut 2 hours from me today, 4 hours from me next week and 16 hours the week after. brian cornell and his money hungry fuckheads are cutting hours for anyone who is not salary based to make up for his huge loss from this boycott.

the ceos fuck up and then all the low level employees get hours cut in half for god knows how long so they can make up all the money they lost in the stock this past month. i asked almost every single person that works on the sales floor. and everyone i asked said they’re sitting at 24 hours for their schedule a week out. anyone else have this happen at their store? i was telling other employees they better start looking for new jobs.


this fucking idiot is blaming the stock fall on “bad weather” he will continue to do this because he too proud of a asshole to admit his decision over the bathroom policy was a mistake.


please if anyone does still work for this terrible company, it would be best to leave. ive been reading a bit about this boycott and the stock, and people are saying this might be around for momths.


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  • flowing311420 says:

    The bathroom policy was not a mistake... People are stupid and they are blindly following the heard... Tomorrow there will be something new to boycott...

    Hours get cut across the board every summer where I live... Because business dies down over the summer... It's a fact of life... Slow business= hours cut. If the hours are being slashed too low for you to live then yes by all means please look for another job... No sense in losing your livelyhood over that fucking place...

    But I doubt it's because of the transgender thing... It's more likely the millions upon Millions of dollars target owes canandian landlords in unpaid rent for their failed stores over the transgender thing...

    Just saying...

  • viciousdave says:

    I support the boycott. Men can pretend as women or not and get into womens bathrooms to rape women and girls. It's true. It's recorded as it has happened before in many Targets. That is what everyone is afraid of. Sex offenders see this and go oh yeah I can fake being a woman and rape me some women free! That's why there's a boycott. Besides that I also support the boycott as I want target to fail! Close stores, go bankrupt! I hate all of there policies, there nice as hell attitude to guests. In the real times of the 90s, it wasn't that way, it was no were not giving you an extra $5 dollars off. All Target's treat employees like shit. I would love to get fired! Hell I should of got fired over 10 times because I get way to much anxiety stress there that makes me angry as hell I swear or be totally nice and say I'm just a person and following target work orders to me, me as a employee will follow orders given to me, yet even when I am nice people snap at me like WTF? People won't even accept cashiers for being nice to them. My god, people just suck as they hate nice people.

  • Silverfox says:

    hateers will be haters. Target always had unisex washrooms. No one made a big fuss then

    • Hate It says:

      If you're going to try and flaw a reply Silverfox, at least make some sense. Comparing the boycott to the new bathroom policy and the unisex bathroom just isn't comparable at all.

      I didnt realize an uni going to the bathroom alone in the unisex bathroom is the same as a man faking to be a woman and entering the public female bathroom was the same. Thats why there's so much fuss about the whole thing. It's not hate, its just you aren't using your brain.


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