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June 14, 2014 - tartar sauce

Hourly cuts

So after reading so many posts and looking at so many angry employees I have finally decided to join your ranks. When I was originally hired the etl at the time (nice guy) only promised me 12 hours a week which I was happy to just have a temp job so I happily took it. I was a flow team member and busted hump for the first month or so even earning a gift card. I assume it’s their employee of the month. I quickly found out though that hard work is not appreciated. Only one raise for a whole years work really ? I gave better raises to my worst employees at mcdonalds . No annual bonus no overtime or holiday pay. So I thought I don’t work out I will make target my workout place but apparently your not able to walk fast or work hard for safety reasons. After that my job performance went to hell much like the past I receive bi weekly. So I went from doing pulls/autos to just working truck days which was OK by this time I had already found a full time job so it was just fun or make it to real payday money. Finally I have a family so I usually call in a few times a month if they are sick and such which was OK for a long time too. Now close to two years of working at tarhell which most employees are pretty nice they are now cutting me down to one day a week !?! One measly day 3.5 wooping hours not even worth the gas which I would think they are single me out but it had happened to more people on my team. Some of which is there only job. I feel badly for them. I don’t even blame the TLS which except for hr have been very accommodating my situation but has now reached a breaking point. My bosses are feeding me productivity bull shit and I haven’t changed my work habits at all ┬áI still do mediocre work for a poor paannual. What’s the incentive target do I get more money to work hard ? Or an annual bonus ? Or a gift card here or there ? What about an annual picnic or noon charity ┬árelated event where you freed us more then the piddle of pb and j or donuts? Or even offer some paid leave maybe ? No ? Well Fuck you then Target I got better benefits from McDonalds not to mention free or discounted food and now you want me to fight for less then 15 hours a week with other pissed on employees who are worse off then me? No thank you. I will enjoy watching your further decline may your transition into Kmart be swift and secure may you close stores all over the place. You really do take the motto “expect more pay less ” seriously and I an see that now more then ever


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Ha! #targetisthenewkmart would be a funny trend to start.

  • Silverfox says:

    That's why when you get a chance you take every opportunity to make them pay more and more in merchant fees. Of course you pay the bill off instantly so you don't get screwed over by the interest which makes the point of making target spend even more money to get your money moot.


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