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April 12, 2015 - RedCardFairy

horrible place to work

oh man! This place is so mismanged you would almost think it was some kind of joke. Just about everything that is mentioned during the new hire orientation is a lie. My store just hired a GSA with no prior experience.”Reviews” just happened. These people want to act like they are a corporate company fulfilling a mission, they are so far off the mark it’s crazy. You don’t give a person cents as a raise and think you are a reputable business person clearly management has no respect for their workers and that is evident by the lack of a consistant schedule or living wage. Make it right for the guest.., what a total B.S. Statement that is. I must have been a terrible person in a past life and working at target is my punishment.


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  • tpcstudios says:

    Don't forget, no matter what your experience, they will not start you out any higher than their minimum base pay. Yet, they only hire people with bachelor degree's to fill ETL positions, which in turn is experience. So they are pretty two-faced.

  • Silverfox says:

    When they are forced to raise employees wages due to the state/province min wage increasing across the board and then afterwards rips off both their home and expansion country governments in millions of taxes. Target just goes nah! We're just gonna declare bankruptcy and rip off our supplies in the process and screw them and their employees over! Maybe we can even cause them to declare bankruptcy and fold over!

  • poohbear80 says:

    "When your boss pays you min wage what he's saying is I would pay you less but it's against the law." -Chris rock


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