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July 11, 2014 - John Cree

Homophobic Abuse in 2013

Target 1489

I was hired on 3-3-04.  During the time I worked for target I had a few low level problems with being a gay employee.  A few people who dislikes me for being homosexual, a few joke here and there nothing I couldn’t handle myself. And nothing worth reporting to HR or Target Help Line.

However in the Fall of 2012 and continuing to the point I was terminated, winter 2014. I was systematically abused by a team member(adam) and team lead(anthony).

Adam repeatedly referred to me as Bitch, Pussy, and on at least one occasion called me f****t. I say on one occasion because Adam muttered a lot of things just out of earshot or behind my back. I don’t have the best hearing, so I cannot say what Adam said during these times. I later learned from a fellow team member Adam had called me f****t before behind my back.

Adam berated me more then once about being gay, and about gay topics, one such occasion he bitched at me about Netflix having a Gay & Lesbian Section and Adam thought that was wrong.

As time passed and I realized that Adam was severely homophobic, I went to ETL(Jeff), HR(Deb), and even contacted Target through the help line. Nothing was done, no investigation took place no witnesses were ever talked to, and even the Manager(Shannon) at the time I was suspended, admitted that no discussion of homophobia had taken place within the store. The HR(Deb) admitted that she didn’t talk to any witnesses. The Team lead(Anthony) admitted to lying about Adam. And long before those admissions an ETL(Jeff) told me “I Don’t Care” shortly after Adam called me a F****t.

After a year of reporting different situations in which I was verbally, emotionally, and even in one case physically abused, Adam hit me with a pallet jack. The Team Lead(anthony) out and out lied to cover up yet another verbal attack against me.

After once again being assured by Target help line that the situation was investigated, a falsehood when the HR(Deb) told me that no witness were talked to outside Adam and Anthony.

My depression reached and all time low the weekend before Christmas of 2013. I cut myself. I took a knife to my arm. I was suspended, and after some time I was offered “reasonable accommodation”, I could transfer or remain on suspension. I told them that that was unreasonable that they had never taken any action against my abusers. and i choose suspension.

I was terminated on 1-3-14, for refusing to accept “reasonable accommodation.” Target stated that I was terminated for conduct and for “the best interest of Target”

Shortly after I was terminated I learned that my job position was given to my abuser Adam.

Target is a Homophobic company. They made no reasonable attempt to stop my abuse. They only tried to cover it up and to punish me for reporting it, Target ignored the situation, and tried to force me to transfer to solve the “problem.”

There are many more details but hopefully this gets the general point across. I was literally abused to the point of self harm. And No action was ever taken against the man(adam) who was abusing me for over a year.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    That's horrible. You should have / still probably should file a complaint with your local government.

    Allowing companies like target that condone this kind of behavior means that the behavior can be repeated. Let your voice be heard, and don't let target make anybody else feel the way you did.

    • TargetGrunt says:

      I agree with this because holy shit, that is not acceptable behavior from ANYONE. You are human just like them and deserve to be treated as such. I've heard that Texas isn't the most "tolerant" of states, but dang.

      I really hope you found something better John, because goddamn you deserve it.

  • Barytone says:

    Were you suspended for cutting yourself or did they suspend you for reporting these homophobes?

    • John Cree says:

      I assume I was suspended for self-harm, not for reporting homophobic abuse. However it was no secret that the Store Manager resented anyone reporting anything to Target Corp. She was even angry when I told our HR, The HR being on vacation when the "f****t" situation occurred. But I believe I was officially suspended for self-harm, however at the time I never bothered, or wasn't in the right mind to, to confirm the official reason.

  • Silverfox says:

    report her arse until she loses her position. The worst that can happen is nothing happens and the best that can happen is the entire management gets their arses cooked. Who knows the more you keep at it maybe they'll replace the manager with a good manager.

    • John Cree says:

      Update: I learned that shortly after my termination the Store Manager was transferred, unknown reasons. The AP Lead quit, for "being tired of this bullshit." and Shortly after that the HR Lead quit for, "tired of this bullshit." I'm not sure how good the source is but, Hope my situation had something to do with the Managers Transfer.

  • Targetthefuckouttahere says:

    Please don't let anyone (especially target scum) persuade you to hurt yourself. Treat yourself with care, man! Please continue to let people know how you were treated in Target's fake world of diversity. Btw, homophobes are just closet bisexuals. Bes o' luck to ya!

  • JordanSinner says:

    As an open Bi-sexual woman who worked for that hellhouse once, I agree that they DO NOT care about anyone unless you are wight and straight. All of the LOD's at my old store where men and the only lady in a leadership role was a temp that was there until this guy from CA came up. I was called so many names in the two months I was there that even reporting it I got pulled aside and asked to stop reporting it. Umm no I have been hit, and insulted and nothing was done because the men that did it where the ones telling me not to report it anymore. It was "Making them feel bad"... I will never set foot inside another Target or as long as I live.


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