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January 17, 2017 - pleasehelp


I gave my two weeks via email about a month ago and it was ignored. I have been trying to find someone who works in HR to do it again but they are never working. I want to stop showing up but I know you have to turn in your name tag and employee discount card on your last day and I don’t want them to accuse me of stealing them or anything. Help please.


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    They won't accuse you of stealing either. I never gave notice and never returned to work. They never called me to ask where I was or requested anything from me. Matter of fact by Target standards they are not allowed to confirm anything besides that fact you worked there. They do not want to risk a lawsuit over something grunt ex-worker, it's just not worth the time or effort for them. If you gave notice via email just save the email and that will confirm notice was giving. I strongly recommend not showing up to work anymore for Target.

  • Rav3n says:

    So if you just say "I quit" what can they say to new employers? I know they can pretty say only when you worked there, can they answer if asked "Would you hire him/her again?" I am assuming not giving 2 weeks, or not showing up would result in a "no".

    • MrSharkNasty says:

      Believe it or not a lot of places won't even call Target to verify you worked there. For example I know for a fact Target never verified mine. I'm also certain my current employer didn't either.


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