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January 25, 2014 - The_truth09

Heath benefit

All the employees who are working at my store location had to go to a meeting with the ETL-HR and the STL. Apparently, Target is discontinuing the Health Benefits for all team members effective March 1, 2014. Someone asked why and the ETL gave some reasons about not enough employees are signing up. and with the new Obama Care ( Affordable Care Act) people can go online and probably find cheaper insurance somewhere else.
Is it really the reason that I mentioned, or is it the fact that Target has to pay for the one year of credit service for everybody that has shopped at Target, even people who have not shopped there. and the team members are being hit. Now, I dont  have health insurance with Target, and I dont want to, but I know people in the store that depended on it just in case something happened




  • TargetSucks says:

    The answer is always the same: Target finding ways to increase their profit margins. End of story.

  • MrKnowItAll says:

    Its not All Employees. Just part time team members benefits. Anyone who is considered full time like team leads will still continue to keep their benefits.

  • disgusted says:

    Are Canadian part time workers affected at the same time as well? We have heard nothing, but communication is the #1 problem at our store anyhow so it is not big surprise at all, that no one knows what is going on.

  • pinkzinnia says:

    I think Canada has different health ins laws.
    Yes, target, like many other large and small companies are trying to save the large costs they have to pay for health ins. The govt says these companies don't have to insure part timers.. If you had a company and were told that, would you? I know I would.
    In USA targets, they are cutting health insurance for part time employees under 32 hours. Even if you are considered part time, you can get the ins. If your average hours stay at 32 hours over the course of a year. It will be reviewed yearly.
    Don't fret. You can get other ins and the cost isn't that much. Also, if your income is low enough, which it probably is because we all know that target pays caa caa..then you may qualify for Medicaid.

    Government has caused this, hopefully government will eat the costs and we will all eventually have covered insurance

  • Silverfox says:

    the states should have hired ndp to help them carve out mediaid instead of a copycat version that's half-assed

  • Hate_Me says:

    It's only for part-time employees. ALL full-time employees, regardless of rank, will still receive their health benefits regardless of Obama Ass Fudge. Er, I mean, Obama Care. Whatever.

    Regardless of this fact, it's just a way for Target to cut costs. They'll have less employees eligible for IRA's, insurance policies, etc. With less of this, you get less of them having to sit in meetings, talking to Team Members about their rights. It all comes down to the almighty dollar, and how much Target can squeeze out of a penny.

    P.S. Target: suck my ass, fuckers.


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