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April 7, 2016 - justwhy12

Hardliners scheduled for Cashier

I guess this is a mini rant but this is just ridiculous to me. No where within the job description and during the interview that I would be scheduled to be a cashier. If that was the case I would’ve applied for the cashier position. I understand that we are a team but from day one I was told that I would only back up when the check lanes got backed up not an entire shift. This is just annoying to me and I already can’t stand this place with the poor management and the favoritism.


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  • jobriq5 says:

    Cashiering isn't that hard. Their "red card quotas" are pretty dumb though.

  • viciousdave says:

    Favoritism is for sure. So a new person gets hired, cool, and than just 6 months later becomes a GSA which are GSTL minis basically but they still have the same power pretty much. It's like really, 6 months you become a leader already, yeah I bet they just made that woman a leader because she's just so nice so they picker her and asked her to be it. Target should be dedicated to it's employees, not the people guests. Hired in one place back up in another. WTF? No, it should be you're hired in an area, you stay working there so you can actually get it done, not oh I can't get it done cause I have to backup so much and than your leader says what the hell why can't you get it done. Well of course you say well duh I have to keep backing up the front so I can't get this all done as I have no time cause most is spent up front. Stupid target leaders, they are not educated and none of the leaders are educated at all. They've all told me no being a leader doesn't require any college at all, it's about learning what is, asking for the position, training for it, and taking the tests for it to be a leader. Sometimes but not a lot, managers have college. But a lot of them don't as they started a cashier and got to manager over years and years there. It's so stupid, manager should always require college at any store.

  • Silverfox says:

    I guess they didn't learn from their logistics fiasco in Canada. You can't increase sales if there's nothing to buy. Management can run a register, so they should be operating one if it gets busy all of a sudden. The more goods you have flowing though the registers the more sales you reap and the more sales, the more chances to sign people up for a red card! Of course that can't happen if there's no one on the floor putting stuff on the shelf! Stupidity 101 lol.

    They probably don't have enough cashiers to schedule as everyone probably quit on them and are pulling people from other departments.

  • BlueSky says:

    I think you work at my store. If yeah, then I covered the shift tonight that you're bitching about and Hi Friend!!

  • Silverfox says:

    Back up cashiers are really supposed to be there when it's crazy at the front and the front end management are all on a till and the line ups are still longer crazy long. Pulling people from other departments is a stop gap solution till it dies down. And even then it's softlines being pulled to help. The high margin departments should be frantically pushing as fast as they can so people can keep buying and paying.


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