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February 27, 2017 - ihatetarget82

I was harassed and basically threatened for using cartwheel

I quit two days ago I was called into the store managers office with the assistant manager. I was basically in trouble for using my cartwheel on my phone to help with discounts for guests. I was told I wasn’t allowed to use it for guests and that I was breaking company rules. I was told that if guests don’t get the cartwheel app I can’t help them. What kind of service is that many of the guests are struggling and don’t have smart phones. I also had the perks on my phone and my mangers were well aware and told me I could scan my cartwheel for guests. In the end I quit my boss just told me she would suspend me for that cause I got some perks helping guests. I later deleted my cartwheel account and said forget it not worth the stress. I quit and I am happy I just hope they leave me alone I was so happy to give my stupid employee card back and badge good bye


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  • Silverfox says:

    it's not specific to Target. Same rule where I work too.if they don't have it too bad. Target is basically a more expensive version of Walmart. if they are strugglng they should go shop at walmart. They are certainly rich enough to shop at Target, so they can afford a really basic smart phone. Wait for the lightly loved sales offered by T-mobile from time to time. Can easily get a cheap smart phone for under 100 bucks.

    • Silverfox says:

      actually I just did some research, lightly loved phone sale, very cheap lightly loved smart phones for under 50 dollars. Samsung Galaxy ace 39 dollars. And that's in Canada, no doubt it's cheaper in the us t-mobile where phone prices are much lower. They can spend 50 bucks or more at target for useless crap, then they can spend 40 bucks for a 2nd hand smart phone.

  • FucktheRedCard says:

    That's odd....when I worked for target (Electronics) they encouraged helping the guests by using your own phone and cartwheel.


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