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May 30, 2015 - neontruths

Half the hours, expected to work twice as hard.

I started at Target 7 years ago and it wasn’t such a bad job then, I got 40 hours plus over time and was making 600-700 dollar checks. Now I’m working 18 hours and I’m pretty much running around the whole store (my store is two stories by the way) making sure CAFS, EXF, AND RESEARCH batches are being pulled while pulling items out for people on the floor and simultaneously trying to get MyFA’s done. They want you to finish everything within a certain time but they dont have enough equipment or keys for the crown to go around and not enough ladders either. I’m exhausted, I’m stressed out that all this hard work is going to a shitty check that barely covers my rent and bills…I had to take a second job and they treat me way better there than at Target. They tell you all this shit ¬†about how they are trying to improve but in reality they are getting worse and worse as the years go on. There are days where I literally hide in a camera free aisle in the backroom and start filling out applications for another job because I just can’t stand working here anymore. I am tired of sweating and straining myself working while I see ETLs sitting at food Ave talking and eating Chipotle every damn day. This place is hell.


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