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February 26, 2013 - Malthulhu

Guest Service.

So let me start by explaining a typical day at our wonderful Guest Service desk. I come in at 3:30pm and from that time until 11:00pm I am completely alone without no one to help me or to talk to when I need someone to bitch too(unless I call for help which takes awhile because no one pays attention). Anyways. All day you get to handle the incredibly brilliant people known as “Guest”. Because of how smart our guest are(by now I hope you know I’m joking. most people are idiots) I get pissed off about every time someone sprints up to my desk. You get the rude people, the stupid people, the smelly people, the sick people, the screaming children people, the bad parents, the cellphone people, the people who don’t know what the want and so on. I had this one lady come in with her 3 children to return stuff from a birthday party. I asked her if any of the items had a receipt and she said “no” and I asked if she had paid for these items with a card(I had to ask) she said “no”. I asked her if she had a drivers license(we can do returns up to 70$ a year for a gift card return if you bring in 1 of 4 forms of identification.) she said “no, but I have my red card” I said I can’t do anything with that. she starts to get mad like I’m doing this on purpose. I asked her if she had a  military ID, State Issued ID, or Passport. She had none of these with her. So she starts freaking out and saying that I’m wasting her time and that I don’t know what I’m doing and that I’m being rude. I guess I kinda was being rude to her since I didn’t give a fuck about her time or her wasting my time. She asked me what she had to do in order to do this return. I told her while looking at her in the eyes “you need to get a drivers license or have someone else with a drivers license come do this return for you” so she left. I thought nothing of it until she came back 25 minutes later while my GSTL(Guest Service Team Leader) was at my service desk helping me with a massive line of people who suddenly needed to at the same time return stupid shit. When the bitch lady came back with her kids to return that birthday shit. Well, She went to my supervisor and said and pointed at me saying “I don’t know what his name is, but he was rude to me and I feel wronged and I want to talk to a manager. I looked at her and told her my name, and I personally with a smirk on my face called the manager (LOD [leader on duty]) to come to this guest who was going to put in a complaint about me. During this time I still had guest to deal with so with a smile on my face I was being as cheery as I could possibly be to make this woman seem like she was stupid. It was working, she was getting more furious and furious. I kept listening to the conversation and trying not to laugh, but some of the things she said were great. “He refused to do the return because I didn’t have receipt, or drivers license. While telling me I couldn’t have my items returned that he wouldn’t do anything to return my items and was being rude and didn’t apologize.” Whoops. I didn’t think I’d of broken her heart after not saying I was sowwy 🙁

Anyways, she kept talking about how rude I was and how badly she was treated. last few minutes she was there my GSTL leaned over to me and started to laugh. Come to find out, this woman had already done her 70$ worth of returns in the year period she was allowed. She claimed to not know anything about that when everyone who works with me specifically tells each and every guest that we only allow 70$ per month, but that’s not too important. So she is wasting both ours and her time and demanding satisfaction. So after all that work she put into trying to make me look bad, she makes herself look like a bitchy idiot. My LOD wasn’t going to talk to me about it, but I decided to turn it into water under the bridge just in case anything were to come of it later on. She said she wasn’t even going to report it because the guest was obviously confused and causing her own problems with us. So we laughed and she left and I walked back to my desk and continued my day. I love how much people think they deserve and what kind of service they think they should receive after being unreasonably rude and misunderstanding in the first place. I ended up never apologizing because of a comment she made before leaving. “I’m glad my children were here, this is a good example of how you shouldn’t treat people” I’m glad they were there too. It was a good example of how you shouldn’t treat the people who you are yelling at.




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  • GladToBeGone says:

    They are the type of people who believe if they argue with management enough and try to cause a scene, the store would bend over backgrounds to keep them civil.l

  • Malthulhu says:

    We are located on the rich side of our town. You probably could believe what I go though.


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