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December 18, 2017 - dhario

Why are guest crazy, we need better pay

Okay so today I had a Fitting Room shift and it was the usual hell. Mind you our LOD now won’t allow us to reshop, zone, or move past our square. (People steal, but manger took our clothes counters away so it’s “our” fault people walk away with merch…… right) The only thing we can do is escort guest into rooms. My Team Lead basically told us to follow it to a t and if guest have problems complain to the manager and basically she hopes a ton of people complain. Love her so much.

But my point is I was working at the Fitting Room and all of a sudden I get this call from this guy who sounds like a Trump Supporter (idk what else to call him). He basically had me on the phone for a solid 5 minutes just to complain about the telepromt on the phone for calling the store. He was mad and told us we were wasting his valuable time and money waiting on the phone listening to prompts. I honestly thought it was a joke. So basically I apologised and asked him what I could help him with. He then went on another 5 minute rant about a certain kind of shoe he was looking for. He was like “I want something presentable, something decent, professional, yada yada yada. None of those sketchers (we don’t sell). So of course I asked shoes while I had him on hold if we had any leather or dress shoes. They responded yes but we didn’t have them in his size. He asked if I knew any other stores that might have them which shoes told me no stores did. It’s Christmas so nooo.

He then got pissed and asked to speak to a manger. Like wtf. My question is why are people so insane. Also why does the LOD keep changing our policies when they weren’t broken. We never had major theft issues when we had our old FR rules. Also how is it our fault if someone’s steals stuff out of the FR when AP is the one whose supposed to be on it. No wonder they quit or are fired every three months…..but I guess it’s just another day at Target.


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    That's nothing. Customers/guest are insane. All retail is like that not just Target(I've worked at multiple retail establishments.) You want to see real wack jobs work at a home improvement store! They're entitled and treat you like you're below them. What do you mean by this "He asked if I knew any other stores that might have them which shoes told me no stores did. It’s Christmas so nooo" ? I'm pretty sure Christmas has nothing to do with certain shoe sizes being in. It's not like they are known to sell out because of Christmas...... Why couldn't he go to some other retailer? Like a shoe store? Or did he just mean Target stores? Did he specifically ask if any other Targets in they area had his size? In which case you should have called them to ask. Why would you say no? The answer is obvious recommend any local store that sells shoes and he will most likely find what he is looking for. The item he was looking for is very common and its very unlikely to be sold out because of Christmas...... It sounds to me you got tired of dealing with him so you decided to be lazy. Look I get it, I've been there. But at least be honest with yourself, you could have done a better job.

  • MrSharkNasty says:

    One more thing companies are required by law to provide safe work places free from harassment. They are actually suppose to protect you from aggressive customers/guest. We all know retailers do not do this, they side with the arrogant rude clueless customer/guest. At my home improvement store they did not do that. I wish I had done things differently, to make the store aware of their short comings in protecting their employee. I once had a obese lady tell my manager "she wanted to punch me in the throat." nothing was done in my interest. This lady was allowed to continue to shop at the store. I've had many other similar encounters. Hold Target accountable for friendly and safe work place.

    • dhario says:

      The only brand of leather in shoes we had was goodfellow and we didn’t have them in his size and I did call other stores while he was on hold and because it was Christmas literally a few days away we sold out of everything for winter/holidays we had a back room filled with Valentine’s Day stuff at that point. He wanted like high brand dress shoes not sneakers. My store has one row for men’s shoes on one side is good fellow the other side is sneakers for men.

      Also this guy called back a few weeks later threatening to sue our store and our LOD which at this point we had to give him to AP because someone called his house trying to get him to buy thousands of dollars worth of Target stuff (which was a scam going around my state at least, based on the local news).

  • poohbear80 says:

    let the man get off his lazy entitled ass and walk around the shoe department or go on to take a look. You shouldn’t have to call other target stores for him while he’s not even in the store and just phoning in with an attitude when you have other work to do. it’s Target, not Barney’s or Nordstrom. But the Christmas thing yeah I have to agree I don’t get that either.


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