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June 5, 2017 - whatev93

Guess what? I got fired AND insulted Friday!

Before I even clocked in, my Team Lead pulled me into the HR office with one of the other LODs and decided to tell me I did not pass probation.

Its funny, they said I took too long on breaks too much and that I “argued with some of the managers”. If you wanted to see me argue I would have had some pretty colorful language. I was only politely trying to explain where I was coming from the two times I was supposedly combative. Note also I had no complaints until two weeks ago.

Half these people that work here said little to nothing to me. Serious bitch complexes. The few people I got to know were pretty cool and had already been working there for while, so I figured if I took there advice I would be fine. Unfortunately I think there may have been alterior motives behind letting me go.

Talking to one of the girls I hung out with after work sometimes, she told me recently the ETL and some of the Team Leads were on a bitch of a power trip lately. It only makes more sense just how shitty Target was now that I’m not wallowing in their fecies of a work place.

The LOD told me she was surprised I was shocked to be fired. Are you kidding?! A two week notice would have been appropriate. She gave me the option to work four hours that day or just take the cash they were giving me and leave. It should become obvious to you what I did at this point.

Never again. And if they have the nerve to be friendly to me outside of that place, I’ll straighten them out better than an iron regarding my thoughts on how they’ve treated me.

Ignoring the fact I had an upcoming surgery, ignoring my medical need to SIMPLY HAVE ICE WATER TO DRINK NEARBY (This was also another one of their half ass reasons to fire me although multiple employees in the fitting room performing operator have had Starbucks cups with more than water in them). I needed to hydrate my mouth after an extraction surgery. This was not a difficult thing to ask for/throw a fit over.

They can burn in hell. The mall they’re attached to is slowly dying off anyways, I hope CostCo eats them alive. The good people there deserve better than what Target is giving them.


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    You don't provide any actual information that describes whats really wrong with Target. It's rather obvious there is much more to this story. In your post you come across as abrasive with aggressive statements directed at others. The ironic part is you referenced being talked to about about such an issue. "I’ll straighten them out better than an iron regarding my thoughts on how they’ve treated me." "They can burn in hell." Anyone who gets fired/let go during the 90-day probation period is typically a terrible worker and misses a lot of work. Combine that with attitude issue and it's guaranteed you will be fired from most jobs. I strongly dislike Target because of they treated me and I could write a book on it. If you cannot provide clear detail to their poor treatment of workers you don't have a strong enough argument to even bother posting. When people make a post like this they should be providing very specific detail that represents the actual problem. Far to many kids come onto this website and post a bunch of gibberish that does not support the topic at hand. How did they treat you poorly? Besides denying you water? Which I'm rather certain they did not do. When I worked there everyone was allowed to have a beverage on them if they so wished. If you read between the lines about that statement I get the impression you were missing a lot of work in your first 90-days and that's a big no no at any company. Health issues or not it does not matter.

    • whatev93 says:

      Let me reiterate. There was only one time I actually called in because I could not work. There was also only one time I had someone cover a shift for me on the day I had surgery. Otherwise I was in store regularly within my department doing what was required.

      As for the abrasiveness, I'm angry. From my understanding this is a site where people post what things Target has done that they disagree with if not vent in general. I figure it's implied with a tag like

      And they did refuse to let me have water nearby. You may have had a different experience working for another store, but in my case they were very inconsiderate even when I explained a medical issue I was having.

    • NotTellingYou says:

      Not sure what every Target store is like, but I can confirm the no water at the register thing. I was in HR at Target and was told that no one was allowed to have water behind the register. It was "unprofessional". But when you work for hours on your feet you need water. Not surprised - Target sucks.

      • Silverfox says:

        Yeah I heard about the no water thing from previous Canadian posters. Fun fact, the zellers that were there before target bought the leases actually told their cashiers to get a water bottle and have it at the register. The reason I was told is that the machines make the working environment very dry and we needed to stay hydrated. I remember it as it was the first thing told of us during training


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