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October 6, 2016 - TarSecret

GSA”s can suck it (which is what they do)

started as a cashier and 2 years later my STL and ETL”s trained me all around the store. For me I didn’t think being a cashier was a worst job my mentality was “in the end I’m bringing home a good paycheck ” I will always get 25+ , till I realized after a year your micro manage the fuck out of the GSA”s fucking hate them. They walk around with their nose in the air thinking they are hot shit .when everyone knows their ass kissers and snitches. First year never forget when my GSTL willl threaten to write me up for not getting a redcard and the GSA”s will say “I’m taking long breaks” first of all I hated I was timed on breaks like you can’t eat a decent meal in 15 minutes . So going toward year 1 I asked my HR can I go tothe floor so I did. My STL and Hardlines ETL liked me a lot so I got to the floor fast. I like working the floor cause I can take a break without being timed! And I wasn’t being watching all the time like a hawk. Got thrown back on cashier anyways i was sad as fuck But my motto “in the end you get paid.” later on manager pulls me aside again “my GSA”s are telling me your taking trips to the bathroom often” sorry if I have a ducking bladder problem! Damn you can’t even pee without them botching I’d still go tho.” But god these GSA”s are not your friend they fake as fuck! Going towards year 2 I asked my ETL in front lanes to train to GUest Service desk she said “I would love to have u train ” I was so happy yes cause Guest Service you are on your own and never get micro manage I felt “my managers have faith I can handle it here” this one GSA call her Bitch#1 snitch me out on the littlest thing” it wasn’t even a big deal my ETL knew what I did and never told me anything I was doing wrong . She will snitch me out for anything she left target before me I wish her hell on earth! SHe told my STL that my ETL &I were “fooling around in GUest service ” my ETL was a. Nice guy he will always come up and put his arm around me and speaking to me ” also told me “if you ever need anything me know” one day he can up behind and put grabbed on to my shoulders and started massaging them when we were alone closing and she saw like who cares he was a nice guy I didn’t think it was sexual harassment .she spread rumor that him and I did it in the office after we closed. I no longer closed with him anymore cause I was put in the office and was told on camera it shows him being handsy I said “if I felt harassed I would of told him to stop” still went. BAck to cashier my GSA bitch #1 cursed me out for going to the bathroom without telling her! Tf we were slow too! I always go when we’re. Not busy. and I told my STL like if your going to snitch on me I will do the same after she snitched on me cause my STL had a big talk with her and this is what t was “MY BItcH ASS TL threaten to write me up Cause she heard from I’m sure bitch#1 I was taking longer breaks” I was like “WTF this is Deja Vu I heard this shit 2 years ago and here we go again ! I told her “that’s a lie I told my TL before coming to me and beliving the GSA”s have proof first like you never speak to me every time you see me you never even say hi and act like I don’t not exist and only talk to me when you want to yell at me” she Got pissed but I tell no lies : did don’t care my ETL”s and STL liked me I was the only cashier that got train to sales floor and Guest service in 2 years. I’m not a kiss up I always do my Job. But then I couldn’t take it with the GSA”s who will make lies and tell on you just to look good! My GSA only snitched me outback cause I told my STL on her. I was done I didn’t want to work in the front with the GSA”s nothing but snitch bitches once a cashier always a cashier tho so I left and never looked back. I am no longer micro managed (constantly ) I think I would still be working at target if I didn’t have Targets bitch of A GSA watching me and snitching on ppl . GSA can suck a big red cock


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