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January 14, 2019 - theydidmedirty23

Got fired for “stealing” NEED ADVICE

okay so yesterday afternoon I was fired. So what had happened was that when customers would buy a certain amount of products , they would earn a $5 gift card. They would ask me if they could use it right away & I would say yes. NOT KNOWING I WASNT ALLOWED TO BECAUSE NO ONE EVER TOLD ME. So I took it off as a “target coupon” & I would accidentally keep the gift cards because I would forget to toss them. & I got called into the conference room & AP talked to me & treated me as if I actually purposely stole something. It wasn’t my fault , nobody told me I wasn’t allowed to do that. On my first day of work , they FORGOT ABOUT ME for almost 3 hours & then left me on my own on a lane ringing customers up. Target is unorganized & I still have to pay $25 for those gitcards which isn’t a huge amount but I feel like I should’ve been left with a warning , everyone knew me as the girl who always picked up shifts & stayed extra hours & did work nobody else wanted to do. This is so stupid, I lost my job . I genuinely  loved working at target only because of my co workers, they became super close friends. But the situation is funny because one of our security guards even told me it’s a stupid reason for firing me.


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  • 86753oh9 says:

    This is technically theft. Shitty they fired you for first offense but they are dicks. I worked Target HR...the proper way is to tell the guest they can use the gift card on a separate purchase. If the guest has more items to purchase you do 2 transactions. First transaction you issue them the gift card and total up their stuff and they pay. Then in a separate transaction you ring up their remaining items and they can use the GC to pay for that transaction. What did you do with the GC when you did the transaction as a Target Coupon? Did it go in your pocket? That definitely looks like theft because that GC still has money on it. Throw it away? Still theft because you could be incahoots (aka partnered up) with the cart attendant or brand attendant to fish those active cards from the trash later. Sorry it happened but that’s why it was theft.

  • ghost22 says:

    Take some time to reflect and write it all down and look at different retail stores that aren't clothing stores. Clothing stores are closing rapidly and in some cases going bankrupt within months. Maybe look into bartending if you're of age to buy alcohol. If not working at a coffee shop is always good and some offer you free coffee and free college. A background check shouldn't pick this up right away, but eventually, it will show. That is why you write down everything that happened so that you can reference it later in case your new employer asks about it. I suggest Glassdoor for sorting out which jobs are good and which jobs are bad. It shows salaries, benefits, interview questions, and my favorite reviews that are posted anonymously. Make sure to mark down not to contact Target and use a buddy or two from Target that you can trust to relay your good character as a backup. A high school or college professor can also be great for references if you get along with them well enough.

    • Redcardsuck says:

      There's really no need to tell them not to contact Target. Even if they did all Target can do is verify that they were employed there during whatever dates. They can't comment on performance whether it's good or bad.

  • Starget Nobile says:

    “Accidentally” keeping the cards ROFL



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