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July 9, 2011 - padard

Got fired for being “lazy”? wtf?

I started working at target on may 21st and thought it would be a nice place to work at since I was a full time college student and needed some money. I was a hardlines team member and when I began to work, I started to notice that I zoned and did most of the reshop by myself while others just relaxed and barely did anything. I’ve told my LOD a couple times that I needed help doing the zone and the reshop, unfortunately I never got the much needed help. I’ve been late to work twice because the HR manager gave me schedule that was conflicting with my school (I always take school as my first priority over work). I got called in for a 90 day evaluation even though I’ve only worked 49 days. An LOD and a hardlines team lead read a bunch of bullshit off a piece of paper that basically said that “I didn’t put enough effort into my work.” They were giggling like a bunch of bitches while they were saying/reading off the paper. I was sort of laughing at all sentences on the paper because all of them would go like: “You can do this, but you’re not good at this.” How the fuck would they know how I do my job when no one is there to help me or watch me do it? After they told me that they “have to let me go”, I walked out, but then the team lead followed me and told me that he would probably rehire me during Christmas. I told him “ok”, but in my mind I was like “hell no, I’m never coming back to work at this shithole again.” I thought Target was different from Walmart, but they’re both a bunch of pricks that like to work employees till they drop and screw them over later on.




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